PRAISE Hewlett Packard

  cookie monster 15:06 28 Feb 2003

OK, this isn't a gripe against HP but with PC World' I bought a 940C printer over a year ago from PC World, and I asked them to recommend the right paper to use for Photo's, plus I bought ANOTHER colour cartridge from them.

When I got home, and tried it out, the ink wouldn't dry, at all. I phoned HP, they were EXTREMELY helpful and polite, offered fixes to the problem, when they never worked, they offered to supply me with some HP paper to try.

I thought they would send through a couple of sheets, they actually sent through 2 packs, I was SOOOOO surprised. I will DEFINITELY buy another HP printer for what they did for me.

As for PC Wprld, they just confirmed to me that they REALLY aren't on the ball and are in it for the money!!!

  Forum Editor 08:49 01 Mar 2003

Well no surprises there then. Surely that's the whole idea of running a commercial enterprise isn't it - making money?

As for not being on the ball, well, I can't argue with you on that score - at least as far as this problem goes anyway. My experience of PCW has been mixed, and I tend to think that the standard of service must vary from branch to branch. That's a management issue, and one that all multiple retailers have to handle.

As far as HP is concerned I agree with you. I'm a confirmed admirer of the company's attitude towards consumer relations, and I've noticed things have got even better since Carly Fiorino became CEO.

  Andsome 09:06 01 Mar 2003

Well done HP. We see so many complaints about non existant, or at the very least extremely ropy service from certain firms on this site, that postings such as this certainly cheer up your day. Which why I posted here a couple of days ago. click here

If some company's can do it why can't they all. Let's see more of this sort of posting when good service has been recieved, then we will all know where to go, as well as where to avoid.

  jimmylove 09:28 01 Mar 2003

as I just ordered a 5550C printer for an incredible £99 from pixelprice. Good to know they'll look after me should things go wrong.

  cookie monster 14:23 01 Mar 2003

All be it, the only main reason for owning a company is to make money, but there are ways, and there are WAYS to do it.

PCWorld, could of offered to replace the half used cartridge that I used to try to solve the prblem on their paper, but they just DIDN't want to know.

So, if you go to PCW, make sure you know EXACTLY what you want

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