Praise for E-buyer...

  Stuartli 12:14 18 Jan 2005

On Thursday, like most people, I received one of the regular E-buyer e-mails promoting products; it included an Epsom Stylus R200 printer for just over £60 including a full set of six inkjet cartridges.

My best mate, who's been pestering me about a suitable photo printer for his laptop for months but blown hot and cold about taking the plunge, also got the e-mail.

He asked about the printer and I told him that Epson, a division of Seiko, had a very good name and that the price was reasonable; I agreed to look up some reviews and also check out the prices both of Epson and compatible replacement cartridges.

Reviews were very favourable but the full Epson set of cartridges was around £50....:-)

Some further checking initially found two sources of a full cartridge set at £12.99 and £14.99, both including delivery, which proved much more acceptable.

So, on Friday, said mate got online to order one of the printers; the E-buyer site came up with a slightly higher price and a delivery charge (supposed to be free).

However, some more website probing brought up the correct price and free delivery (but a rather flexible delivery date several days ahead).

Undeterred, my mate placed his order and thought no more about it.

This morning a courier turned up on his doorstep to hand over a parcel containing the printer, which proved to be in good order and with all the listed contents included.

Nice one, E-buyer...:-))

  vitrocmax 12:59 18 Jan 2005

I have also had good service from Ebuyer. If you want free delivery you have to select it because the order default is next day.

I have used the free delivery twice on small items (memory card,card reader) and on both orders was given a next day delivery at no extra cost after the order was acknowledged on 'super saver'

Much better than 7day, for a similar price.

Nice to see a positive when most posts are about poor service!

  Belatucadrus 15:25 18 Jan 2005

A lot of customer feeling and good will depends on the carrier used. Around here Novatech a great supplier use securicor who I particularly dislike, for a series of reasons I'm not going to go in to. E-buyer use Initial City link, who have been exemplary, with one of the politest most efficient delivery drivers I've ever come across. Guess who gets most of my business.

  oresome 19:36 18 Jan 2005

I don't wish to detract from the praise for E-buyer, but would add that you only really only know how good a company's customer service is when something goes wrong.

I've purchased from E-buyer and the transaction and delivery went exactly to plan. I've no doubt the majority of transactions do.

How quickly and smoothly the odd hiccup is handled determines the quality of customer service. I rarely have problems with any supplier,(perhaps because I take note of comments on this forum), so have little personal experience of customer service beyond the order and delivery side.

Stuartli, it will be interesting to see what happens if your mate has problems following the use of what I assume are compatible cartridges in a printer still under manufacturers warranty.

  davidg_richmond 20:02 18 Jan 2005

I ordered a firewire cable that was apparently in stock but fairly low, about 11th/12th December, which suddenly turned out of stock. I sent an enote on 22nd December to ask the order be cancelled. My order has finally been cancelled on the 17th. Fair enough, there was a Christmas rush and I'm sure they are swamped with orders, cancellations, returns etc, but it's quite a long time to respond to a simple cancellation.

I'm sure however that due to their low prices I will order from them again, but I've been put off buying anything big ticket.

  Stuartli 09:19 19 Jan 2005

I suggest that you read the article about the use of compatible cartridges in the latest (116) issue of PC Advisor.

I've been using refill inks and/or compatible cartridges in my Canon BJC 600e for nine years now and it's still working and printing in faultless fashion.

  Stuartli 09:20 19 Jan 2005

The point you make about returns is one that applies to any online retailer, not just E-buyer.

  oresome 18:47 19 Jan 2005

I have a Epson Stylus Photo 700 which has run on compatible cartridges for several years. It does dry up now and again, probably because it's in a warm room and little used. I suspect I would have the same problem with Epson cartridges, but it would cost me five times as much flushing ink through the print head.

Some photo's have been hung on walls around the house for several years now (behind glass) and are still quite acceptable. No doubt a comparison with a fresh print would show up some fading.

My original comments referred to any retailer, on-line or not. The point being you only know how good they are if and when you have a problem.

  Beas-Knees 21:44 19 Jan 2005

I got the same e.mail showing the above offer and as i had a few other items to order waited until sunday as the e.mail stated that the offer was on until tuesday or until stock had run out but as the stock levels showed over 1500 units and i was keeping a close eye on the situation saw no reason to order sooner. result, when i went to order on sunday e.buyer had put them back up to £75.00 although the stock level was still showing over 1100 units, needless to say i didn't bother ordering and i didn't order the other £200 worth of items either.

  zincy 23:13 19 Jan 2005

i have had abit of a hit and miss with ebuyer too.
I ordered a hard disk from them last monday (10th Jan) suppose to arrive on friday... yet i am still waiting for the item. Sent an enote but no reply yet.

However i also ordered a graphics card on monday (17th JAN) and it arrived by 19th Jan.

so generally i would still by from ebuyer as they got good prices, however if i needed an item quick i think i may look else where....


  bri-an 10:09 20 Jan 2005

Was about to hand over a substantial order to Ebuyer, but on searching the site I couldn't find a contact phone number anywhere.
I realise they are an internet company and prefer e-notes - but I am a bit concerned if there is no other way to contact them if things did go awry. Or have I just missed their phone number?

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