P.P.I.;Claiming a refund..is there a time limit?

  p;3 10:44 10 Mar 2012

My searches about claiming for possible mis-sold P.P.I. seem to not give any indication on any time -limit; if the Product the P.P.I. was 'covering ' has been repaid some years ago and the P.P.I. has been canceled also at that time, the TV ads tend to suggest that the time for claiming can 'run -out'. Is that correct and if so does anyone know what that time limit might be please?

  p;3 10:45 10 Mar 2012

  rdave13 10:55 10 Mar 2012

Some information here.

  Quickbeam 11:17 10 Mar 2012

That link of rdave13's confirms that I'm too late to do anything about one I was sold in 1981!

I can't believe that the selling of them ever got to such high numbers. As I said I was sold one in 1981 for a car loan, believing that I wouldn't get the loan otherwise. After 3 years of paying much more for my loan than I would have liked, and seeing how worthless they were when friends with them tried to get some money back and found that nearly every eventually had a get out clause in the insurer's favour.

The next time I went for a loan I was quite prepared to get knocked back for not wanting to buy this PPI crap and couldn't believe that I got the loan with no quibble one I made it clear that I didn't think they were worth the paper they were written on.

Where were the consumer protection people at that time?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:17 10 Mar 2012

Unlikely to get anywhere with a claim from before 2005

see Money saving Expert website.

There was an item on the TV a couple of days ago discussing just this point with the ombudsmen

  frybluff 15:04 10 Mar 2012

In theory, there is no time limit, although, obviously, the older the case, the less likely the claim will be simple. The "time limit" refers to the time that the provider is required to keep, and make available to you, details of the transaction. If the claimant still has the necessary paperwork, from the original set-up of the PPI, to show it was "mis-sold", then a claim CAN be upheld after many years. I think that 20 years, or more, is "a bit optimistic" though.

  Forum Editor 15:51 10 Mar 2012

Transferred to Consumerwatch from Speakers Corner.

  p;3 18:14 10 Mar 2012

Fruit bat said' Unlikely to get anywhere with a claim from before 2005'

Why please?

Do you mean from the end date of the PPI ?

  dms_05 12:00 12 Mar 2012

I suspect the time limit refers to the time you are required to keep documents for Legal / Tax reasons. Whilst Banks never throw anything away they are only required to keep documentation for a number of years which I suspect is the same length you are required to keep documents for HMRC which is 7 years. You may be asked to produce your bank statements from March 2005 up to the present by HMRC for example. The banks may automatically archive their records after 7 years and so the 2005 cut-off because it becomes 'too difficult' to access the information before that date.

  finerty 12:57 13 Mar 2012

there was a news article about these so called companies who can claim on your behalf but charge you for it. Where as the Gov is about to write letters out to those who can claim without having to pay a fee.

  p;3 10:51 17 Mar 2012

I have located this


on which is a link to a claim form;

I also checked out an on line group who seek to take 20% of the PPI payout if successful; also their T&C where very 'forceful and will take you to court if you do not give them their 'cut' of your success if they do manage to claim for you!!

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