Poweroid/Best Price Computers

  chawallah 13:52 04 Nov 2003

Just wanted to know if anyone has any good/bad news about the above company. Just been on their website, which i might add is really good. Lot's of useful information about the pros and cons of buying. Also can anyone advise me whether the big players out there ie Mesh, Evesham etc provide a windows CD rather then a recovery CD?

  johnnyrocker 13:54 04 Nov 2003

mesh figures highly in these forums and not all of it good as does evesham, click here does.


  961 17:08 04 Nov 2003

Sit down for a spare half hour at click here

Good background info if nothing else

  Poweroid 18:04 05 Nov 2003

chawalla, we are glad to know you are interested in our products. And thanks for the kind comments about our website. Alexa.com has our various sites listed as some of the most popular PC sites in the UK.

961 has a good suggestion. It pays to research a company a bit before you spend your money. I'm confident you will find a lot of good things about us, including the fact that we do provide a full Windows CD to go with the OEM copy of Windows we install.

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