AdrianP 21:12 27 May 2004

I bought a computer from Poweroid.com in january and within the first week it broke down, (windows erros). I spoke to a man on the helpdesk who told me that it sounds like a software fault, and advised me to reinstall windows. As i am not a PC Expert, hence buying a computer and not building it myself, i asked him how i was to do this. He said...and baring in mind its a week old, "we cant help you with that". after a lengnthy discussion i took the computer to my local computer shop. They have, within 3 working days diagnosed the hard drive as faulty as they were not even able to format the hard disk. I then went back to poweroid and told them this. To my beleive they would not help me and said it was a software problem. I must have reminded them about 10 times during this phone call that i have taken the system to a local computer shop but they would not understand. He advised me that to prove his diagnoses i should run a hard diagnostic program. I was told that a program called powermax would resolve this issue. Natrully i downloaded the program from maxtors website and low and behold it was detecting errors. I imediately called them and spoke to the same person (unnamed) and he still would not agree that it was faulty. This guy would not accept that he could be wrong. I have never been talked to by this way by any of my customers or anywhere i have bought from. I bought this computer for my family as all our freinds were online and we were really excited in using this. Over the month of February i contacted them several times and the only way they would look at it is if i paid for it to come back. 1 week old system should not fail like this. I exhausted all options except take it to my local computer shop tfor repair. Within 2 days i had my system back and repaired. Oh yeah i forgot to say that the local computer shop were shocked to find that components were glued on the motherboard. I phoned up Poweroid to find out why there was glue, and now they say that they cannot help as i have opened the case. That was the last straw and hence me coming to this forum to warn everyone and to get advice.

My questions are this:
1. Can poweroid.com do this to me when the system is only 1 week old.
2. What am i supposed to do with a faulty hard drive.
3. what am i gonna do with a crap warranty which they will not even honour.

I hope i am the only one who has had this problem as i could not really see any complaints about them.

Any ideas anyone.....PLEASE!!!

  Forum Editor 22:54 27 May 2004

exactly what these "Windows errors" were, but on the face of it advising you to reinstall the operating system one week after delivery does sound a mite drastic. You would look to Poweroid for support with an OEM version of WindowsXP, so if they advised reinstallation I assume they exhausted all other avenues with you first?

Poweroid were liable to you for the faulty hard drive, but of course you have (inadvertantly) voided that liability by getting a repair carried out by another party. Once again you don't say what the repair consisted of, but I assume that the hard drive was replaced?

With the benefit of hindsight you may realise that you should have rejected the computer in the first instance, and insisted that Poweroid rectify the fault, or replaced the machine, as was your right under current consumer legislation. You have now circumvented all that by having a third party carry out the repair, and you've provided Poweroid with a reason for washing their hands of the affair.............or have you?

Based on what you say I believe you received less than fair treatment from Poweroid's helpdesk, after all, you had confirmation that the hard drive was faulty, and yet they still refused to accept liability to put things right. My personal view is that the very least Poweroid could do is reimburse you for the replacement of what was a faulty component. Under the terms of the supply of goods and services to consumers legislation any fault that occurs in your computer's hardware components withing the first six months after purchase would be deemed to have existed at the point of purchase, unless the supplier can prove otherwise. If you have the faulty drive perhaps Poweroid might take it back as evidence and pay you for the cost of providing and installing the new one - why don't you approach them on this basis?

  spuds 23:57 27 May 2004

Contact your local trading standards, perhaps they can help by contacting Poweroid on your behalf.

  ste_bla 13:34 28 May 2004

I got a quote from them a while back and they said to me (from old email asking whole load of questions)

"We do secure some components via the same type of glue used by "branded" manufacturers. And it is to prevent components getting dislodged in transit. This glue is external to the parts and can easily be peeled off/removed without the need for any special tools. Any decent computer engineer would secure components to prevent unnecessary problems for customers."

One question how long has a ltd.uk domain end been along?? click here

  ventanas 16:25 28 May 2004

Interesting. I've been seriously contemplating buying one of their machines, they seem good value, and you get a full XP CD and not a recovery disc.

Now I'm reconsidering. Thanks for this.

  Rayuk 17:26 28 May 2004

If you still have the old hard drive and Poweroid refuse to do anything you can get in touch with hardware manufacturer and get an RMA number and return the drive for replacement by them.

Or perhaps you may be better holding on to it for a while till you have been advised by Trading Standards the best course of action to take.

  Chronos 17:46 28 May 2004

the man in the street does not need all this, does he? another one for the black list..

  Forum Editor 18:53 28 May 2004

there's absolutely no need to go rushing into "another one for the black list.." just because a single customer has a bad experience. As far as I know Poweroid machines are excellent - we certainly have very few complaints about them here in the forum.

Let's have less of the knee-jerk reaction please - we'll see how AdrianP gets on.

  Chronos 20:46 28 May 2004

Peter, you may of course delete the post, you might know your way around a PC but most do not, and to have it all go down the kermit before you have had a chance to use it..is not really on.

perhaps poweroid might look in and read it...

  AdrianP 00:04 29 May 2004

Sorry i havnt posted any sooner. Busy with work commitments. Thanks for everyones help but as Rayuk has said i will probably got to trading standards, based on the response i have had from Pweroid so far.

Dont get me wrong though, i am sure that Poweroid make great systems and have won many awards for it. I certainly have not seen many complaints about them. So dont buy from them just cos of my experience.

I hope this gets resolved amicably without having to involve trading standards. I may call them again on Tuesday after the rainy bank holiday weekend. Hopefully i wount speak to the same guy. Maybe they have seen this thread and will post. Well we will have to wait and see. Im off now.....thanks again to all and FE.


  AdrianP 00:06 29 May 2004

Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Its 12 at night and i am tired.

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