Poweroid lack of support

  Robbiecollie 17:57 03 Feb 2005

Having purchased a poweroid p/c model 2306 it arrived on 23 Dec 2004 at first every thing was fine but on the 7 Jan had reason to contact poweroid support line the gentleman who answered was rude and ignorent and claimed software fault even without seeing p/c to cut my story short the outcome was a refund no. was issued but now having had the p/c back sinc last wed 26 Jan 2005 ther are refusing to talk to me or return my money the cost of the p/c was £1685 no small sum even today I am now forced to legal redress I advise every one to stear clear of this company,having found postings on the net of people with simaler problems

  Forum Editor 18:55 03 Feb 2005

which exhort people to "to stear(sic) clear of this company" Robbiecollie, and your thread would normally be deleted for containing that kind of statement, but I think I can clarify things a little, so we'll leave the thread online - please don't repeat the statement.

1. It often isn't necessary to see a computer to diagnose a software problem - if you know what you're doing it is usually fairly easy to tell, so perhaps the Poweroid representative wasn't at all ignorant - just efficient and knowledgeable.

2. Poweroid have thirty days within which to refund your money, and if they have only had the machine back for 9 days they are still well within that period.

For that reason I would advise you to wait a while before considering legal redress, because (based on what you have said) Poweroid have done nothing wrong so far.
I have no idea why the company refuses to talk to you, so I can't comment on that. Poweroid are not known for being uncommunicative, unless someone is aggressive or rude on the phone of course, and I'm sure that doesn't apply in your case. What I can say however, is that we see very few complaints about the company in our forum.

  961 19:00 03 Feb 2005

How did you pay for computer?

  Poweroid 16:41 06 Feb 2005

In cases where we've had an exceptionally rude customer, someone who is rude/insulting both on the phone and in writing, someone who insists our correct diagnosis is incorrect, and someone whom it is difficult to please we may look at legal ways we can minimise contact with such a customer. Depending on the circumstances we may voluntarily offer them a refund (despite having no legal obligation to do so). The PC is subsequently booked back in. If the customer then abstains from harrassing staff and perpertuating the abuse/insults by email it would help staff get on with checking/testing the returned equipment and making the refund. As FE points out, there are 30 days in which this should be done; I can't see it taking that long.

  kinney 17:38 06 Feb 2005

I have recently recommended Poweroid PCs to a friend, and I can't really see anything in this post that would make me go back on that advice. The FE's response is a sensible one; 9 days is not an excessively long period for a refund to be processed.

  Forum Editor 17:55 06 Feb 2005

for your not entirely unexpected response.

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