Power supply selection

  jack 20:41 29 Jul 2005

Having just taken delivery of 64Mhz Mobo bundle
I discover that the power supply connections do not match up to my extisting ATX PSU- there appears to be an additional connection on the board to run the CPU.
How ever in searching for a suitable unit, nothing so far seems to mention this as a 'new standard
or an additional feature
Appart from wattage and fan decibles, nothing else is menioned.
So if I order a unit how will it come?
one Mo Bo power connector or two?

  Mysticnas 23:53 29 Jul 2005

Can you supply us a link to you motherboard website? giving the model name/number for it as well.

  jack 07:28 30 Jul 2005

Coz I'm fick thats why
Here Goes
click here

model K8S 755 series

I'm going to have a look too.
lets both see what turns up
thank you for waking me up

  Stuartli 09:15 30 Jul 2005

Also have a look at:

click here

  sidecar sid 12:04 30 Jul 2005

Do you mean the ATX 12v connector(small square 4 pin)
click here

As far as i am aware most if not all modern ATX power supplies should have one

click here

Click on the image on the right.

  jack 13:56 30 Jul 2005

Thank you Sidecar that explains it all.
Now I can purchase with impunity[what did i say?]

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