Power to the people - at a price of course!

  TOPCAT® 21:57 16 Apr 2005

I look forward to seeing how the computer suppliers respond to PCA's challenge - issue 119 page 228 - to build a power machine "with money no object." Will have to wait until next month for the results though, but I hope the response makes the exercise worthwhile. TC.

Their remit:

"We challenged the computer industry to kit out the hottest PCs it could - with money no object. So, whether you fancy teasing yourself with some wishful window shopping, or you've got the cash to flash, check out the best."

  spuds 22:18 16 Apr 2005

Will this have competition! click here

  TOPCAT® 23:40 16 Apr 2005

It remains to be seen doesn't it? Just depends how imaginative, constructive and knowledgeable the vendors will be in using the high powered pricey components available to them today.

It's not just a matter of assembling fast components that will decide the winner, in my estimation, but the vendor that spends time setting up his machine perfectly in tune with the components he/she lovingly(?) installed. That and a neat, tidy installation would get my vote. TC.

  Forum Editor 10:33 17 Apr 2005

to build fast computers, but it's far from easy to build fast machines which offer just that little bit more. If you're spending upwards of £3000/4000 on a computer you want that little extra something, and such a machine is readily available now.

Take a walk to the Apple shop and say:-

"I would like one of those G5 Powermacs please - the one with the dual 2.5Ghz 64bit processors and 8 Gigabytes of installed RAM, plus 500Gb of hard drive, and a 1.25Ghz frontside bus. You know, the one that has the NVidia Geforce 6800 graphics card, twin Apple cinema 30" TFT screens, and a fibre channel PCI X card".

They'll say "Ah yes, Sir/Madam - that would be the machine that can run Photoshop 75% faster than a dual 3.2GHz Xeon-based PC system. Walk this way please, and have a huge pile of wonga at the ready - about £9223.99 should cover it".

Some of the best things in life may be free, but when it comes to raw power teamed with sheer computing beauty that little rig is worth every single penny.

  Pooke100 18:51 17 Apr 2005

Would you buy me one? Please?

  Kate B 21:32 17 Apr 2005

lordy, that beast makes my nutter machine (kindly linked to by spuds) look like the computer I junked in about 1994.

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