Power lead for external CDRW

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:00 04 Feb 2005

A friend of mine has just bought an external CDRW. The thing came without leads but I had a USB connector lead which he has put on. He is missing the power lead which, according to the Aopen site, is a DC5V±5%, DC12V±10% . My electronics knowledge leads a bit to be desired but the case connector is a small round connector and has 3 pin holes on one side and two on the other (5 in total).

I've worked out that I need a small five pin connector glued onto a transformer...anyone any ideas where to buy it or what I am supposed to be looking for?


  SEASHANTY 21:35 04 Feb 2005

Is it a DIN Plug connection. Similar to these
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:41 05 Feb 2005

The image appears to be missing. Imagine a clock face, there are three holes at 3,4 and 5 o'clock. Thee are also 2 holes at 10 and 11 o'clock.


  SEASHANTY 12:06 05 Feb 2005

Doesn't seem to be a DIN then. Strange the image doesn't show. Tried in both IE6 and Firefox and shows in either. This will be like looking for a needle in haystack. So many different types and Mfrs. You may have to consider a custom alteration.
Some outlets click here

  JonnyTub 13:17 05 Feb 2005

What model drive gandalf ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:46 05 Feb 2005

AOpen EHW 5224-U


  SEASHANTY 16:50 05 Feb 2005

This drive is reportedly mfd by Sky Electronics
click here
Their UK website address takes you to Cricklewood Electronics who seem to have quite a selection of connectors but I cannot see one like the one you mention click here

  VideoSentry 17:14 05 Feb 2005

Gandolf, there are two types ( from my limited knowledge ) of connectors One is 5v ( three little pins ) and 12v Three larger pins, I would suggest a visit ( with CDRW ) to Maplins as you will either have to buy 2 X Ps's or a Single with both 5v and 12 v outs.

  VideoSentry 17:16 05 Feb 2005

I forgot to add that if you open a Petwer you should see both types of connectors going to eg Floppy ( 5v ) and HDD's (12v).

  jack 17:44 05 Feb 2005

From the all the discussion it would seem to me not to be an 'External' device at all.
Surely a true external device would have what I call a 'Kettle' connecter which plugs into a 13 amp socket or the device would have been sold with a 'Powerbrick' -something missing perhaps? had look in the box?- Read the instructions?

  JonnyTub 17:55 05 Feb 2005

the majority of external cd-rw come with a 'powerbrick' as jack puts it, i believe this is what G is looking for, i have emailed Aopen to see if they can recommend a stockist, other than that, i can't find a reference to the adaptor on the web.

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