postal strike may not bite quite so hard

  canard 12:46 05 Nov 2003

Would you believe it - the dvds I ordered from [they've got very tempting offers]arrived today- only 2 days behind schedule. After all that time with nada thro the letterbox. Renews one's faith in the system, postmen and everything!

  wee eddie 13:08 05 Nov 2003

Mind you!

I've just sent a VAT cheque to HM Customs & Excise at Southend on Sea.

  Stuartli 14:14 05 Nov 2003

It all depends on where anything was posted to you and if it was routed for sorting through the areas which have been on unofficial strike.

If so then you may have a long wait...

I still haven't had my credit card bill - not that I'm complaining - whilst a consumer magazine which normally arrives on the Saturday before the first day of the following month only arrived today.

  Stuartli 14:37 05 Nov 2003

Why do you support entirely unofficial action?

  wee eddie 21:33 05 Nov 2003

For a small business like mine, VAT is regarded as something of a burden. I have put it that way as FE would not be that keen on my views of HM Customs & Excise and might not treat my postings in such a favourable light in the future.

The Sorting Office at Southend on Sea was one of the first to come out, and that is the VATman's home office.

I have no personal opinions as to the rights and wrongs of the affair.

  spuds 22:52 05 Nov 2003

Doe's the Vatman have a late payment clause, like IR."We except no excuses"(;O(

  Forum Editor 22:55 05 Nov 2003

None whatsoever. It makes for a happier forum, and I'll immediately delete any politically biased comment.

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