Post office Guarenteed delivery???? WHEN

  JITC1 15:24 12 Jun 2009

I ordered a package from a company and got a conformation email that they had sent it and it would be guarenteed delivered by 1pm today.

It now 3.15pm and its still not here. I phoned the company at 2.45pm and they checked on the Royal Mail website. It said that the package has left the depot. They gave me the tracking number so that I could track it.

I also phoned the Royal Mail to ask if there is a delay with the driver/postman. They informed me that they have on the system that it has left the depot on time. I asked if they could get in touch with the person and they said that they cannot get in touch with them as it is against the law for them to carry any communication devices. (any conformation would be appreciated)

So if there is any problem with the postman/delivery driver, then I assume they will not know until a search party is sent out and a missing person report is sent to the police....!!!!!

  interzone55 15:44 12 Jun 2009

I can't confirm for the Post Office / Parcelforce, but our courier has hands-free phones in the vans, as we can be put through to the driver if we're trying to track a parcel.

If the parcel really was sent out on a guaranteed 1pm delivery you should be able to claim your delivery fee back from the supplier, as they'll be able to claim their back from Royal Mail.

  birdface 15:46 12 Jun 2009

Its Friday the worst day for traffic.Obviously they cannot contact the driver when on the road as it is against the law.
If you don't get it by 5.30 you probably wont get it to-day but you never know.
We can understand how frustrating it can be especially if you have an appointment elsewhere.

  JITC1 16:20 12 Jun 2009


still no parcel

I know its against the law to use a mobile phone while driving but i'm sure that they have heard of a hands free kit. My point is that I was told there is no way of them to communicate at all once the driver has left the depot.

Also the depot is only about 1 or 2 miles away from my home so I cannot see how they can take so long and with no traffic at all in my area.

  961 16:44 12 Jun 2009

You should be able to get a tracking number and check on the web where it is

Also, if not delivered by 1pm delivery charge should be refunded

See t & c for guaranteed delivery (formerly registered post) on royal mail web site

  birdface 10:27 13 Jun 2009

Any luck with the delivery yet.I used to be a courier driver and used to get very frustrated with all the hold ups on Motorways and normal roads.A round trip from my house to Central London used to take 5 hours at the finish up it was taking 7 hours for the same journey.
I always thought that companies had to be mad to make a fixed time delivery as it rarely worked out as easy as that.
Anyhow I hope that you have received your goods by now and hope that you get a refund on your delivery costs.

  JITC1 16:38 13 Jun 2009

Sorry for the late reply.

Well at 6pm yesterday, I had to go pick the missus up from work. What I found when I opened the door to the porch was a card saying that I wasn't in (I and my father had been in all day) and also another letter for me that was under(YES...UNDER) my car in the driveway.

It was just lucky for them that I don't live far from the depot to collect it today (opening times is 7am - 12pm). If it had been during the weekdays then I would be stuffed as I work during these times.

I know that companies like to have fixed time deliveries but they should also have a means to contact the customers if there are any delays (ask - they should run Royal Mail)....unless your Royal "Pain in .......a..." Mail because its "against the law!!!"

I have made a complaint to Royal Mail and wait to see there reply....

  jack 20:10 13 Jun 2009

If you are lucky you will get a reply from Plymouth enclosing a book of 1st class stamps.
I did when they 'lost' a package of probate documents send registered
The tracking system could not trace the item
I complained- and set to to do my own tracking.

The probate office initially denied receiving them,
I telephoned once more - got a more helpful African lady[judging by accent] who went looking and confirmed they had received and gave me the name of the office handling the work.
My guess when firms/orgs get mail by the sack load - form filling goes by the board.

  spuds 13:05 14 Jun 2009

As jack as rightly suggested, if you complain, in all events you may well end up with a few 1st class stamps for your troubles, and very little more.

Perhaps taking the guaranteed delivery point a little further. I sent a cash-back warranty claim, as per the strict instructions of that claim, being run by some major suppliers a few years ago. Duly paid extra for guaranteed next day timed delivery, and was provided with a tracking number, but the item seemed to have disappeared in the tracking procedures after a few hours.

It was only when I took the matter up with PostWatch, that the mystery began to resolve. Insurance claims company had changed ownership and location address, and the Royal Mail had re-directed the items. Due to Data Protection (Royal Mail insisted), they couldn't tell me where the item was or where it had been re-directed. Luckily the warranty claims company did honour the cash-back deal, and I did receive the insurance premium back.

  961 17:02 14 Jun 2009

The refund of the complete charge for a guaranteed delivery item delivered late is made to the sender not the recipient

A card will be left if delivery has been attempted and the time of the attempt should be on the card and also on the web track

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