Possible problem with computer finance.

  Peter E 14:17 14 Jan 2003
  Peter E 14:17 14 Jan 2003

Hi one and all

I bought an Evesham computer some time ago and opted for a six month interest free credit option with Open and Direct Retail Services Ltd. I telephoned them last week to pay in full by my credit card but was told they could accept payments by debit card, cheque or postal order only. I had the necessary funds transferred into my current account and phoned this morning to pay by debit card but was told that they don't accept payments that way now.

"But it has this option in the letter you sent me and you said last week it was OK", I said. But nothing I said made any difference. They told me to send a cheque and they would accept that. I explained that the due date is this Thursday. They said, "it will get here in time and we'll record on your papers that it's on its way so there shouldn't be a problem".

I had no option and sent a cheque first class in the post this morning and I intend to e-mail for confirmation when I get home from work tonight. I may be wrong (hope so) but I have the feeling that something is not quite right here. Yes, I know I should have taken action much earlier - but I didn't. And if they had accepted my payment over the phone today there wouldn't be a problem.

I sincerely hope there isn't a problem but I'm posting this so that others involved with this company and who have a similar finance agreement can take heed.



  TBH1 15:13 14 Jan 2003

think your gonna get stung for the interest here, mate. Was in a similar situation myself with something or other, went to the Finance Company office just before closing time to clear loan with credit card to be told they wouldn't accept it - - - they accepted debit card though but nearlly stung for the interest. Good luck with this.

  simonp1 15:27 14 Jan 2003

I got mine on interest free, have paid yet, i will call them and find out the situation 2 see if it is the same as yours. No one said at the time of purchase that the bill couldnt be payed off by visa. Thanks for the warning.

  simonp1 15:42 14 Jan 2003

Spoken to open direct, only deal with cheques now due to having 3% leve charged when using cards.

  spuds 23:06 14 Jan 2003

If you have any doubts about the activity of the finance provider, then consult your local Trading Standards department.There are very strict laws regarding the issue of credit licences.Two other avenues, would be the government offices of OFT and the DTI.

But like all these 'interest free' deals, the small print is very important, and must be fully understood.The finance providers hope that the consumer will take out the remaining term of the agreement, this is how they make their companies profit.Being a late payer,or leaving things to the last minute, as been the failure of most people.

  Forum Editor 23:21 14 Jan 2003

the small print on your original agreement makes any reference to the method/s to be used if paying the balance to clear the outstanding amount, or if any restrictions are made.

A finance company may not vary the terms and conditions of a credit agreement after it has been made, and altering the acceptable methods of payment would amount to altering the terms - in my view.

Having said that, you're not worried, provided thay accept your cheque's arrival as constituting payment.

  Peter E 12:26 15 Jan 2003

I'm not whining you understand - it's my own fault. I just posted so others might take notice and not get into this situation. And it may turn out all right!

FE: There's nothing in the agreement about payment methods. It just says accounts can be settled early and that payments by post are at the sender's risk (mmmm - but I sent it first class, recorded delivery). However, in the letter they sent me originally, it stipulates methods of payment as debit card, cheque or postal order.

TBH1: Thanks for the good wishes.
Spuds: Thank you for your welcome advice.
Simonp1: Act soonest - don't drag your feet like me. Thanks for response.

I'll leave the thread open a little while longer and post back with the outcome (sorry if this is a double post - having problems).

Regards to all

Peter E

  TBH1 12:42 15 Jan 2003

Lightly off-track but still talking about 'the small print', several years ago Texas had a deal where-by if you bought one of their kitchens, you could claim ALL your money back after 5 years . I know this company was bought out by someone but this deal would be honoured. Anyway, the 5 years were up sometime last year and most people made a complaint about the fact that they couldn't get their money back. Part of this deal was that they had to make a claim within STRICT timescales by 'Special Delivery'. Well, most of these claimants claimed either via 'Recorded Delivery' or 'Registered Post' - - - by the time that they were told of their 'error', it was too late.
Sorry if I've gone on abit - - and off track but am at a loose end at the minute !!!!

  Taran 12:55 15 Jan 2003

Buy now, claim back later ?

Whatever will they think of next...


  TBH1 13:05 15 Jan 2003

no wonder they 'went to the wall' - - -

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