poss new phone scam?

  johnnyrocker 19:25 14 Apr 2008

this evening my phone rang and when i answered it a recording said this call is for miss (russian type name) press any button to continue, at this point the call got terminated after 30 secs. my question is would anyone know what would have happened had i carried on? (as a point of interest i have just recceived a second one this minute)


  Graham. 19:36 14 Apr 2008

If you press any button you confirm you are a person. How they use this is anyone's guess.

  spuds 19:43 14 Apr 2008

I would contact your telephone service provider and seek further advice. A similar scam was going around last year, and when you press a button on the phone, it suppose to connect to a premium rate line.

  johnnyrocker 19:56 14 Apr 2008

thats what i was afraid of.


  kingisangus 21:25 14 Apr 2008

The rumour of a scam where you press a key and get connected to some premium number at £5 a minute is an urban legend that never seems to die.

  johnnyrocker 22:57 14 Apr 2008

no it is just that it states press any button to continue and one wonders where it might take you


  jimmybond 23:10 14 Apr 2008

who cares where it takes you. Perhaps everyone has overlooked the (seemingly!) obvious here, but as long as someone is phoning you, then they are paying for the call. Pressing numbers during a call has no special features which allow you to be billed.

It's an odd call and probably trying to sell you something - but all the premium rate stuff and £5 a minute is a hoax, as kingisangus has said.

  johnnyrocker 23:15 14 Apr 2008

i never implied it was anything like that.


  jimmybond 23:19 14 Apr 2008

sorry it's just that when spuds said "A similar scam was going around last year, and when you press a button on the phone, it suppose to connect to a premium rate line"....

and you replied "that's what I was afraid of"

...I assumed you thought that you might get billed somehow.

  spuds 00:22 15 Apr 2008

A bit more info:
click here
click here

  jimmybond 00:38 15 Apr 2008

that's interesting, the guy JohnM in the first link has it right and knows his stuff, you can tell the people that don't though, as they SHOUT, underline, and use the same childspeak format as the hoaxers. DO NOT answer...SCAM...PREMIUM RATE....forward to EVERYONE you know ;-)

Strange though as the personal safety advice page in the second link, while good advice in general - has it technically wrong where they say "....common scam that asks you to press a button on your handset to claim your prize. You’ll be connected to a premium-rate line at your own expense". this is not true. it is not possible.

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