Positive Mesh and Dixons service experience

  Steve- 10:34 11 Aug 2006

I recently had cause to return two Laptop computers for repair, my daughters Mesh for a cracked case and intermittent headphone socket and my Sony for a cracked case and dead LCD screen.

The Mesh service was a little slow but the unit was collected as they said and returned after 4 weeks, one of the faults, the socket, proved to still be faulty and after a call to Mesh service the unit was re-collected the next day and returned after two weeks with a new Motherboard.

The Sony is 4 years old with a five year service contract bought at Dixons, I rang the service number and the operator arranged for the unit to be collected the next day, the courier company packed the computer into their own supplied box, Dixons, said it was safer that way as only they could be held responsible for any transit damage! It was collected on 31st July and returned completely fixed on 4th Aug, I was kept informed by SMS messages at every stage as to what was going on.

I consider this to be exceptional service and will be more inclined to deal with them in the future.

The Mesh service although much slower provided everything I wanted, even a call back from their service agent following an abandoned call that was taking too long. I can't comment on whether the first repair was actually done and then reappeared or was overlooked, but they put things right with no Quibbles.

From my experience over four separate contacts with Mesh concerning the above and a Desktop unit, you need to be patient, they always reply to my emails eventually although it may take several days, and being polite even under provocation is more likely to bring results than getting stressed.

I am aware that this is not the experience of some readers but I hope the above goes some way to redress the balance.

  Simsy 11:28 11 Aug 2006

of a positive experience...

However, you say, "one of the faults, the socket, proved to still be faulty" I infer, from what you have said, that this was one of the faults it went in for.

Apologies if I've misunderstood, but sending in a faulty unit, being without it for 4 weeks, (or any length of time in fact), and having it returned with the same fault, seems to me not to be the kind of thing that merits the description "exceptional service", (assuming the adjective "exceptional" is supposed to be a positive thing!)

I appreciate you've explained that it might have be a recurrence of something repaired, but even so...

I am of the opinion that even if the service had not, to use your words, "been a little slow", and been returned, with no faults, after 3 weeks, it wouldn't qualify for the description "exceptional service". As the eventual outcome was a repaired unit that you are satified with, I would suggest that "Satisfactory" or "Adequate" would be more appropriate adjectives.

I don't mean to start a row!



  oresome 11:38 11 Aug 2006

A cracked case and dead screen might suggest to some retailers that you'd dropped the lap-top. I could well imagine you having hassle convincing the retailer even if this wasn't so.

It may of course be covered for accidental damage under the e/w and therefore no problem.

Replacing a motherboard for an intermittent socket does bring home the potential high cost of the simplest of faults if you don't have a warranty.

Pity about the Mesh having to be returned again and taking a total of 6 weeks. I can imagine some forum members being very irate at the loss of their laptop for that length of time and the waiting around for the carrier etc.

Goes to show how the same service level would be viewed by different people in an entirely different light.

  spuds 11:39 11 Aug 2006

Steve-- That is the ultimate word 'Patient', and having to wait on a premium line call, then having further lack of response, peoples patience eventually runs out. You have admitted yourself that Sony's procedures were exceptional, shouldn't all manufacturers try to reach this type of standard. If a few companies can achieve this without much of a problem, why cannot others?.

Going on the fact that the item was purchased via the Dixon Group, who have had more than their fair share of criticism over the past few years. Then I can only say that the DSG group deserve praise, for showing that they realise the customer is one of the major priorities of a companies survival.

  zekea 14:52 11 Aug 2006

Hell boy, some companies do pull their finger out when you talk nice to them. But these companies are few & far between these days.

May be Mesh have turned the tide and will offer great serice 99% of the time, we can only wait to see if your experience is repeated with others.

Great forum you guys have here.
rgds Gunney Anderson

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