A positive MESH comment

  doctor92 18:45 13 Oct 2007

I have seen a few negative MESH threads over the last few months, so I thought I should report a good experience with them.

A friend of mine has a MESH PC under warranty, and the PSU blew, so he rang them up, and they came to his house within a week, and replaced it. Nothing special about this, but we live in the very far north of Scotland, and the technician had to make a 600 mile round trip from Hamilton to come and do the job - I think that is good service.

  Meshuga 21:09 13 Oct 2007

doctor92, I guess that will take some beating.

  Totally-braindead 17:15 14 Oct 2007

That is rather good service considering the distance but bearing in mind the number of bad posts about their after sales service I still wouldn't have one of their PCs as a gift.
I suppose someone has to get lucky.

  The Brigadier 17:58 14 Oct 2007

You may well win Customer of the Year.

And i know the sales ratio to complaints may be small compared with the units they sell & that only those who's pc's break down/dont work complain, but mesh do sometimes get things right!

I have seen from posting here and elsewhere that Davey of Mesh does great things. But you must realise that there is no smoke without fire when it comes to the large amount of mesh complaints here on this site & by you will find by doing a google search.

May be Mesh have decided to put the customer first after all.

  Totally-braindead 18:36 14 Oct 2007

The Brigadier you may well be right about "i know the sales ratio to complaints may be small compared with the units they sell & that only those who's pc's break down/dont work complain" but and as far as I am concerned its a big BUT. Theres companies the likes of Dell as an example who sell many more PCs than Mesh and theres few complaints about them. There used to be but Dell have got things sorted out as far as I am concerned so the complaints have dramatically reduced. You see very few complaints about Dell on the Forums these days, a few moans about the differculty of upgrading etc but not many about poor service and broken PCs.
Dell sell more PCs so there should be more complaints about them but theres not so what does that tell you. I agree Mesh sell a lot but even taking that it account as far as I am concerned there are far too many complaints. It can't just be down to the amount they sell as theres many other manufacturers who sell a great many PCs and you don't see them cropping up all the time.

  The Brigadier 19:09 14 Oct 2007

I was trying to be pc when mentioning my views on Mesh.
I also would not except one as a gift!

  Totally-braindead 19:28 14 Oct 2007

Realise that The Brigadier.

Perhaps this is a sign that Mesh are getting things sorted out and that their aftersales service is improving. If so it will be very welcome.

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