Positive experience of buying a PC!

  Eazy T 10:35 08 Jul 2007

Hi all

I just wanted to write about the positive experience I have had in selecting and buying a pc. After good recommendations on the board I opted for NSYS click here - the advice on these forums was to email them and ask what they could do. My email was responded to by a gentleman named Simon, who helped me, and advised me when I needed it, through the varied possible choices I had in putting together a PC on the budget I had.

After many emails and time on the phone, I made my final decision yesterday, and with the cheque in the post am now looking forward to my new PC.

Just wanted to say thanks to Simon at Nsys, who as well as offering advice in choosing components, is also the person who is going to be building and testing my PC, which makes me confident as he knows exactly what I'm after and knows his stuff.

One other thing - I was also in contact with a company called Cougar Extreme. In the end I decided to go with Nsys, but I'd like to point out that Cougar were also recommended on this forum, and my experience with them was also positive. In the end I opted for Nsys as they worked for me in what I was after and were fantastic to deal with, but had a positive experience with both companies.

So anyone looking for a new PC, I'd highly recommend contacting NSYS. Can't wait for the PC to arrive!

  fillythebish 10:54 08 Jul 2007

Glad to see a good service.

I recently got one from PCspecialist and it arrived on the day they said and works like a charm. Speakers got lost in the post though but there sending out a new pair for me.

I'd also recommend pcspecialist

  spuds 12:02 08 Jul 2007

Sounds like a good company, and their prices seem competitive. One particular computer looks interested, might even try to see how a customise price works out.

Two points that I would mention. You seem to suggest that the purchase was by cheque. Better to use a credit card or computer finance package for extra security if things go wrong.Also having a 'customised' built to order computer, may effect certain consumer rights, especially the regulations on Distance Selling.

What type of warranty was provide?.

  Eazy T 12:16 08 Jul 2007

Hi Spuds

Due to circumstances beyond either NSYS's control or mines I couldn't use credit card in this instance, so was happy to go with cheque. I'm aware of the extra security that using a credit card offers, but due to a screw up on the electoral register (who will be getting both barrels as soon as I can!) this wasn't possible. NSYS tried to make using CC possible, so this was entirely beyond their control.

The warranty standard is for a period of 12 months.

If anyone has any questions on dealing with them, please ask. If I don't respond immediately its due to the fact I'm away in a few hours for a few days on business, but I can only restate that I'm happy with the company's service.

  fillythebish 12:39 08 Jul 2007

Personally I always use a credit card or go somewhere else. I also always make sure I have 3 years warranty not because I dont trust the makers but because there are so many things that can go wrong with a pc once its about a year old (overheating etc)

I think you can get 3 year warranties from third party companies but I dunno how good they are.

I paid £150 for 3 years

What specs are you getting? Is it a gaming rig?

  Eazy T 12:51 08 Jul 2007

Hi fillythebish

As I said, not their fault re the credit card.

Specs are as follows:

Antec Solo case
Striker Extreme motherboard
Intel core due E6600 processors
specialist cooling
8600GT gfx card
2 x2gb ddr2 800
850w enermax PSU
74gb raptor for OS
2 x 400gb HD's
1 x lightscribe DVD, 1 x DVD rom

Its for gaming & video editing - I will upgrade the gfx card to either 1 or 2 8800 ultras in several months once they have come down in price, the 8600 was as far as my budget could go this now.

  fillythebish 14:13 08 Jul 2007

I got same processor and motherboard, 8800gts 320mb, 700w psu, same dvd but as a re-writer, 1 400gb hd and with XP home.

It plays Oblivion and Stalker on max

  fillythebish 14:24 08 Jul 2007

8600gt is actualy weaker than a 7900 and its more expensive. If your on a budget you'd be better off with the 7900, here are the benchmarks click here

And dont forget if you upgrade your gfx card you may void your 12 month warranty. Also with 2 8800ultras in SLI they say you should have about 1000w psu so I think you'd be lucky to run those 2 cards on your psu. You'd be ok with 1 though

  Eazy T 14:26 08 Jul 2007

yeah looking forward to getting the 8800's when i've saved some more - but as my current monitor is 5 years old, will need to think about getting a new one to really see them - and enjoy them! - at work.

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