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  Carol Sco 00:43 28 Mar 2004

I am looking for some advice on buying a pop3 mail service that is not linked to my isp and based in the UK.
My ISP accounts are restricted to 10mb and this is too small for my needs.
I am looking for something that has unlimited space if possible but would settle for 200mb and a max file attachment limit of 10mb. I have done a web search but was hoping for some recomendations from you nice people.

  Forum Editor 02:35 28 Mar 2004

That's an unsually big mailbox Carol Sco. Most ISP mailboxes are limited to around 5Mb, and that's easily large enough for the average home user. There are plenty of independent email service providers, but even they tend to offer a standard maximum of around 50Mb for a business mailbox although some will provide more space on request. These providers will certainly allow large attachments - usually up to 10Mb.

click here for one of the better service providers, but be warned that big mailboxes aren't cheap.

  Sir Radfordin 09:36 28 Mar 2004

My solution to this problem was a mailplus package and domain from 1&1 (click here) for something like £10 a year. You get real pop3 accounts that have an attachment limit of 10mb and an account size of either 30mb or 50mb. I've not really seen any with +50mb account sizes.

If you are needing that much space why not consider using FTP to webspace for files?

  Carol Sco 11:56 28 Mar 2004

I know 200mb is a large amount but I have two of those right now and I am still having problems reaching the "High water mark" at weekends.
The service which provides these will shortly not be around so I have to find an alternative.
I have a domain name & space but only have mail forwarding with this.
Thanks for the advice I will go and check out the links. The USA has runbox click here which would be fine and works out at £16 a year for 100mb but I want to stick to something UK based for the tech support and the actual paying for the account.

  Sir Radfordin 22:30 28 Mar 2004

I assume you are not being sent attachment that are 200mb? If not then can't you leave a PC on and set Outlook to check for and download new mail every 5/10/30/60 mins as you need?

  Forum Editor 23:27 28 Mar 2004

is sending and receiving attachments in excess of 10Mb, and consequently can't use an ordinary ISP mailbox owing to the attachment size limit they tend to set. The company in my link will provide a mailbox of any size on request - it's not that unusual.

  Carol Sco 23:29 28 Mar 2004

I leave the pc on from 7am till around 1am when even I need to get some sleep. It's set to check every three minuets just now.
I don't think it's a good idea to leave it on all night.
I am managing the mail load that I have coming in right now but as I am going to loss the accounts which I am currently using I am really looking for an alternative.
Thanks for your help.

  Carol Sco 23:36 28 Mar 2004

Sorry cross posted.
Very few of the mails are over 5mb. I am interested in animation and these files can be large.It is not the actual size of the attachments its the sheer volume,weekends can bring in over 5000 mails in a group mail set up like Yahoo groups. I take it that this amount of mail is not the normal thing then.........

  Forum Editor 00:33 29 Mar 2004

certainly isn't the normal thing - how on earth do you read that many messages in that time?

Nevertheless, many corporate mailboxes receive far more than that - it's not the volume of mail that's the problem, it's the size of the files. I repeat - use the link I provided and you'll find that you can get whatever you want.

  Carol Sco 00:49 29 Mar 2004

I don't read them most of them have no text only images. I use mail bag assistant to remove the attachments to a folder of my choice and then scan them to make sure they are clean before looking through them.
I will contact the people at the link you gave me but it sounds a little over-priced
when you think if I was in the USA I would only be talking about £20 a year and they want that amount a month.Gap in the Uk market? Uk Online offers 200mb mailboxes to it's dial up customers and NTL only give you 150 in total if you are a broad band user. You would think that ISP's would come up with a option of buying more space now that we are all sending digital images etc and making the most of the faster connections. Just MHO. Thanks for all your help!

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