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  greggsy 16:48 08 Feb 2004

In March 2003 I purchased from Scan International Computers here in the UK a A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard.
Just before Christmas I was unable to get into the Raid Bios by pressing F4 or Ctrl s.
I got onto Scan Computers and acquired an RMA number and sent it back to them. The next day they reported after test that the board was faulty and approved an exchange. At first they said they had none in stock. and after many emails and a letter of complaint,plus writing to a well known Computer Magazine they finally sent me an exchange was wrapped in an ant-static bag, with all the cable and bits, no rubber packing obviously second hand it was battered and worn and certainly not packed from transmission by a courier.
When I tried the board it only showed the Processor, AMD Barton 2800 as running at 1250. At this point I had to go out to visit my son in hospital. When I returned I switched on again and there was nothing,no bios,no beeps nothing. The CPU was fitted with the approved AMD Cooler and I used Artic Silver compound.
I checked the CPU and Memory in another machine and they worked fine. This company is ready to sell your products but unhappy when they have to replace under warranty. On the invoice in Capital Letters was This is a free of charge replacement B Grade/Needs picking Swap out Bits. This is obviously a returned faulty one which I have been supplied with the company ignore emails and letters. For the first 4 months of purchase the original board was not used as I spent a long time in and out of hospital with heart trouble( I am 72 years old) I am now left with a machine that has gone from light use to one that no longer works.

  Stuartli 17:29 08 Feb 2004

You have had the mobo for nine months which is a long time in retail terms.

I agree it should not have been replaced with an apparent used version (check the Scan terms and conditions for its replacement policy), but I have used Scan over many years and generally, like thousands of others, have been pleased with the company.

I've also been to the premises (at the rear of the Reebok Stadium in Bolton) and, at the time, it stated that any motherboards returned that were found NOT to be faulty when checked would be subjected to a test charge. This was quite hefty to ensure that only genuine complaints were received.

I would write to the MD privately and confidentially and point out you are very unhappy at the way you feel you have been treated.

  greggsy 17:36 08 Feb 2004

I have written to Scan but they seemed to concentrate on backing up their service and not responding to my complaint.
The board was returned to them on the 19th Jan and withing 2 days they had tested it and found the reported fault. It took much badgering to get them to finally send a replacement which was B Grade. Having worked in the Industry some years ago I know for a fact that when you return boards as a trader that they replace them with new or certainly repaired boards. Whilst you are correct insaying that their sales service is good when it comes to a warranty returns they are lacking. Have you ever returned under warranty to them?

  Diver14 13:06 09 Feb 2004

I bought a PSU from Scan a while back. The unit gave off a REALLY bad burning smell which did not get any better after ten days. I returned the unit and although the returns department agreed it did smell they said it wasn't faulty. I got a refund but they would not refund any postage so I lost out to the tune of about £12. The attitude of the woman who delt with my complaint was beyond belief. I will not buy from them again.

I now use Novatech. When things go wrong they back it up with good customer service.

  Stuartli 13:35 09 Feb 2004

Yes, personally on a couple of occasions with a faulty Chaintech motherboard.

Once the techie had established that it was faulty it was replaced without quibble; this too proved to be faulty although apparently OK when substituted and was, again, replaced on the spot.

But Scan, like dabs and similar outlets, does fall down to some degree on dealing with returns - probably due to the fact that it despatches thousands of orders a month.

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