poor service fujitsu

  urbtaf 09:38 29 Jan 2009

Bought this desktop in Feb 2008, by Sept it developed the lovely fault of turning itself on and off at will. The fault is intermitant. Sent it back to Osbourn computors of Barnsley S. Yorkshire who kept it for a week then sent it back saying "theres nothing wrong".
So phoned Fujitsu only to be told that the machine left their factory in early Sept 08 and is therefore out of warrenty. I asked if anyone on their tech team could spare some time to advise me, the answer was "the computor says NO"
I know I could pursue this, but havent got time and cant be arsed.
So my question, is there a maker of computors out there that look after their customers? as our manufacturing business is expanding fast and we are going to have to use the net soon. Something I have avoided so far! we still use carbon paper and reciept books, because they dont break down, just get a bit messy!!!!
I trade in a fair and honest way, and thats all I ask from people who I do business with, it works for me so there must be a computor company with the same principles!!!! anybody know of one???

  birdface 11:34 29 Jan 2009

The 12 months warranty you get with new computers should start on the day of purchace.Switching on and off could be an overheating problem but could be a virus or a bad update.
Sorry I cannot help with a good computer company as I have had my computer for about 6 years now and have had no major problems with it.
[I trade in a fair and honest way] For goodness sake keep it up there are not many of you left.
I hope you have more success with your new computers.

  urbtaf 14:00 29 Jan 2009

Thanks buteman, I know about the warranty being 12 months, but just dont have the time to fight with them.
Just would like to find a company I could trust! maybe Im asking too much from the industry

  birdface 14:38 29 Jan 2009

Just typed Computers into the search on PCA and never actually seen any good reviews.I am sure someone will give you some useful advice.And like you say there is nothing worse than poor help and communication from your supplier.Especially if you have a business to run.Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.

  oresome 15:11 29 Jan 2009

I presume you meant it left the factory in Sept 07?

Did you buy the computer from Osbourn? If so, it's still under warranty with them and you should be looking to them to help you.

Particularly if you need the PC in connection with a business, the actual PC manufacturer matters little. You need a good relationship with a local supplier who understands your needs and can offer support when you require it.


  spuds 11:53 30 Jan 2009

Personally I cannot see the point of airing a grievance on a forum, when you say that you cannot be bothered to get the matter resolved, unless it was to perhaps warn others of your personal experiences of a retailer and manufacturer.

If the computer was purchased in Feb 2008, then it is still covered under consumer law, and the retailer would have to deal with this.Things like computers are regarded of having a lifespan of more than 12 months, with a possible claim of 'up to' 5/6 years. The manufacturer warranty is a 'goodwill' gesture and is not compulsory. But most manufacturers will offer a good after-sales service, so as to retain the publics faith on their products.

When products have 'intermittent' faults, this can prove very difficult to resolve under normal workshop 'switch-on and wait' testing techniques. Best to keep a record of when,how,what happens, when the fault appears. And by doing so, perhaps someone on this forum might have the appropriate answer, if you care to post the symptoms.

  birdface 11:32 31 Jan 2009

Probably not what you are looking for but some good reviews with this company.Computer made to your specifications plus only £20 odd pounds for 3 years warranty[It might be £20 a year] I hope I have that right.
click here
Only drawback is when you go into What customers have purchased to find it refering to 2007 purchases.Having googled for reviews find it to have a high success rate with purchased goods from it.Any company with such good reviews is always worth looking at.

  Forum Editor 16:16 31 Jan 2009

of Fujitsu Siemens it's worth getting a few facts right.

1. The company sold the computer to the retailer from whom you bought it, and so you have no contract with FuJitsu.

2. Under current consumer law. the retailer is automatically responsible for rectifying any faults which develop within the first six months after purchase.

3. Your protection continues after the first six months, but things get slightly more complex. You must continue to deal with the retailer because Fujitsu has no contractual obligation to you - they sold the machine to the retailer, not to you.

4. Fujitsu warranty the machine for 12 months from the date the warranty is registered with them - did you do that, or did the retailer do it? If the retailer registered the warranty it will run from that date, otherwise it runs for 12 months from the date you purchased the machine.

Please remember that it's the company which sells you a computer which is responsible for any problems, not the manufacturer of the machine. The manufacturer's warranty is in addition to your rights in law, and covers faults in manufacturing.

Your retailer saying 'there's nothing wrong' clearly isn't very helpful - you know that there's something wrong. My advice is to pursue this with the retailer. Tell them that under the Sale of Goods act an item must be 'fit for purpose' and this machine plainly isn't. Unfortunately if they refuse to take it any further your only recourse is to go to court.

  urbtaf 12:24 01 Feb 2009

Thank you Buteman, will add that link to the possible list.

Forum editor (note no name!) you seem to have totaly missed the point. I know about consumer law ect.but have not the time to chase it up. neither do I want any member of my staff to do the same.
I mearly asked if anybody knew of a computor company that looks after its customers!! apart from Butemans helpfull links I have not one responce! maybe that says a lot about the industry.
So lets put this in context.
I need things in my business that work, and if they dont then I need the firm that supplies that product to keep my business going, or at least make an effort to do so.
Cars and vans, a local firm John hall engineers advises me on what to buy and if one breaks, he sorts out something to replace it while being mended. I most likely pay him above the odds for this sevice, but its worth it.
We maufacture (please note that Im not useing this forum to advetise) Last week we supplied items for a ladies wedding, one item was the wrong size (her mistake not ours) 9am on the morning of the wedding a phone call from the lady resulted in a replacement item being made by 10am, then I drove the 50miles to deliver it. I asked no money for this but really enjoyed my time at her reception!! She will recomend us for her entire life. That is how businesses prosper.
Now I have a growing business, touching on £500000 a year turnover and need to move foward using computors. I have had visits from a few flash guys who talked crap. Ive tried 3 local firms who just want to sell their crap to me then get out of their warranties.
So forum editor I will give it till next Sun, when I will have time to spend on here for someone to help me in my quest, if no one can then I will close the thread, as then I will be assured that the computor business is truely as bad as every one seems to be telling me by the lack of responce

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