Poor service from Choice

  Ixora 22:35 17 Jun 2011

Several years ago I used to buy all my printer inks from Choice Stationary and never had a problem until one time when they had a special offer on. Taking advantage of this I ordered several cartridges only to find that when the money was taken from my account I seemed to have been over charged. When I queried this I was told that I did not qualify and that I should have read the small print. Needless to say I stopped ordering from them and obtained my inks from elsewhere.

Recently I received an email from Choice offering inks at a reduced price. I decided to try them again and taking up this offer I received my order and everything was OK. Running low on inks again I decided to put another order with Choice ordering them from their website exactly as I had done before. Big Mistake!

First several of the inks were not in stock so I would have to wait several days until they arrived in stock. When they finally did arrive the Black cartridges were the wrong type and would not fit my printer which is a Canon Pixma ip3500. I emailed Choice to explain this and was instructed to send them back. This I did but in the meantime I had top buy a cartridge locally to put me on and this was considerably more expensive. When I sent the cartridges (3) back I also asked if they would refund the postage which was £1.72 (I did not ask for the cost of packing only postage). The correct cartridges were sent but no postage as requested. I contacted Choice as to why they had not refunded my postage only to be told that as I had ordered the wrong cartridge it was my fault and therefore they would not be refunding any postage.

I explained that I had ordered from their website and as all the coloured cartridges were correct and the black was ordered from the same group surely I must have ordered the correct one. Choice were quite adamant that it was my fault and not theirs so no refund.

After several emails to and fro I have received one today stating that the Canon pixma iP3500 takes two different types of black ink cartridge and that I must have ordered the wrong one. Tough luck! Choice have said that as far as they are concerned the matter is now closed.

The upshot of this is that I will never use Choice Stationary again and they have also lost at least five other customers up to now (family and friends)all for £1.72. Seems that they need it more than I need it.

Does anyone know if there are two different black ink cartridges for the Canon Pixma iP3500 as there is nothing about this on Choice's website as far as I can see.

I have never had this trouble with any other firm that I have dealt with and have always ordered the correct cartridges.

  Forum Editor 23:17 17 Jun 2011

As far as I'm aware the ip3500 uses a Canon PGI-5 Black cartridge, which is available as a single cartridge,or in a twin-pack.

  Ixora 23:30 17 Jun 2011


Thanks for the reply. The one listed on the Choice site is a PGl-5 the one that they sent was a CLl8BK. According to them I ordered the wrong one. Don't see how!

  rdave13 23:49 17 Jun 2011

Ixora Used Choice for compatible inks and not very successful. Emailed my complaints and again not successful. I don't think they need customers. Used to be one of the best and highly recommended on these boards. I personally would not entertain using them again or recommending them. Just my experience as an ex-customer.

  Ixora 23:20 18 Jun 2011


Like you I will not be recommending them to anybody. They seem to have a very funny attitude towards customer complaints in that they are right and you are wrong no matter what.

  woodchip 17:44 19 Jun 2011

You need to try the 7DayShop

7DayShop link

  961 19:13 19 Jun 2011

I've had a similar experience from another supplier

The difficulty is that all these guys are working on wafer thin margins quite apart from the fact that the printer makers are spending much wonga to stop remanufacturing

I went down the "return the cartridge so we can look at it" avenue, and eventually got a refund

But if your printer is not working while all this goes on......?

Most of the time now I buy remanufactured black and original XL colour

But I don't think I even want to think about a printer with more than 2 cartridges. All these 4, 5 even 6 different ink cartridges with cleaning every time you blink.....urghhh

  Ixora 09:20 20 Jun 2011


Thanks for that. Will give them a looking at or go back to my original supplier. Tried Choice to see if they had improved but they haven't.

  Ixora 09:21 20 Jun 2011


You had a similar experience and you got a refund. That was good. It's not good when the supplier makes the mistake and you end up out of pocket by it.

  Confab 12:54 20 Jun 2011

Did Choice send you an e-mail confirming your order? If so what did it state regarding the back ink?

  polish 19:12 20 Jun 2011

http://www.inyourbasket.com/ i used to use choice but last time i bought ink used these good prices and service

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