Poor old British Gas

  Dragon_Heart 23:21 29 Jul 2010

Not everyone is having to cut down on it's spending.

British Gas only doubled their profits to £585 million last year.

Their parent company Centrica's profits soared 65% to £1.56billion.

The poor of this country will be sitting in their homes trying to keep warm this winter. A report this month estimated rocketing bills had left almost 20% of households facing a daily choice between heating and eating.

British Gas claimed the extra expense was cancelled out by a midwinter price cut - the first by any of the Big 6 suppliers ( but you still made £585 million ! )

So come Mr Cameron & Co get them to cut bills by say 10 to 15% NOW ! Don't fail us like the other lot did with the banks.

  Kevscar1 06:04 30 Jul 2010

Before you go on about demanding % price cuts don't you think you should find out about what percentage of the income was profits.
Exactly how many new customers signed up with British Gas in that period to increase the profits, obviously they didn't think British Gas were overcharging.
Secondly is that a pre-tax figure or net if it-s pre-tax you are asking the government to take a cut in the money they get from British Gas.
Where do they make the shortfall up, increase income tax perhaps. Bet you wouldn't be happy about that.

  wids001 07:12 30 Jul 2010

"Exactly how many new customers signed up with British Gas in that period to increase the profits, obviously they didn't think British Gas were overcharging."

No, these new customers (and I was one) didn't think British Gas were overcharging as much as the others. Fact is, we in the UK are being ripped off by the utility companies, because they know they can get away with it. All we can do is keep switching to whoever is cheapest at a certain time (as I do). As for the CONDEMS doing anything about it, well forget it. I wouldn't put it past them the increase the VAT on gas and electricity to 20% within a year.

  ronalddonald 08:25 30 Jul 2010

Thats why i found npower doing the same, hence i moved over to Marks and Spencer energy

  daytimers82 08:46 30 Jul 2010

Yes i agree Bitish gas and npower are just the same as usual enough too make your eyes water, im too with Marks and Spencer and ive made a big saving being with M&S

  john 52 10:19 30 Jul 2010

Its a pity the profits are not going into the Treasury .
I blame Sid myself :-)

  Big L 266 13:08 30 Jul 2010


I believe 50% of the profits from all gas, electric and water companies should be set aside and rebated to the users. I would also like to see them renationalised with no recompense to anyone except individual investors. The last thing people need in this country is overpriced gas, electric and water especially as many of these firms are now owned by foreigners. As we all know,foreign-owned firms charge more for their products within the UK than they do in the rest of Europe and beyond hence rip-off Britain.

The so-called quangos set up to protect the public from these bully-boy firms are nothing more than toothless tiger cubs. They have no spine to stand up to the bully-boy tactics of corporate greed and excessive profiteering.The sooner these quangos are abolished and the gas, water and electric are brought back into state ownership the better.

Oh, sorry, forgot to get the railways renationalised as well.The TOCs are nothing but a sorry bunch of greedy profiteering morons who couldn't run a Tri-ang railway set much less a proper railway.

Moan over.

Big L 266

  spuds 15:31 30 Jul 2010

It doesn't matter who you sign-up with. They all seem to follow one another on any price increases, and the same can perhaps be stated when profits exceed everyone expectations. We all moan, but we never complain loud enough, especially to our MP's.

  Kevscar1 16:01 30 Jul 2010

Big L 266
28% goes to the govenment in Tax why don't you ask them for some money back.

  CurlyWhirly 17:30 31 Jul 2010

I'm currently with British Gas but may move to click here if and when it is able to provide consumers with electricity and gas.

I am keeping my eye on developments but I have registered with the company and just hope that they aren't harvesting e-mail addresses !

  Dragon_Heart 21:30 31 Jul 2010

report is correct, British Gas only doubled their PROFITS to £585 million last year.

" Gas, electric and water companies should be renationalised " I like the idea but it just would not work.

The French have the right idea, if they don't like something they 'invade' Paris and bring it to a standstill !

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