Poor Mesh customer service

  jc0404 22:00 12 Nov 2010

I have struggled on several occasions with poor Mesh customer service. This has cost me a lot of time, money and frustration.
Much of this could have been avoided if they had sent me the installation disks for Windows XP.
They have refused to send these to me, claiming that they were sent with the original package (they were NOT) and saying that I left it too late.
The result is that on two occasions, when my PC has been attacked by a virus, I have been unable to restore it to the factory settings.
The Mesh help desk are fairly hopeless and very expensive (every time I have contacted them, I have been put in a queue for 20 minutes plus and I have been charged £40-50 for a premium rate call which did not resolve the problem).
I feel totally let down and cannot understand why they will not send me the installation disks which are part of the package that I bought from them. I intend to raise this with Trading Standards as I feel it totally unacceptable and a result of a system created by the OEMs and software manufacturers, designed to save them the cost of making a few CD-ROMs.

  Forum Editor 23:10 12 Nov 2010

that Mesh supplied a disk that was labelled as a recovery disk, but was actually a direct copy of the OEM installation disk. Did you not receive this?

  jc0404 10:34 13 Nov 2010

No, I never received the Recovery disk. I did make a recovery disk of my own by following the instructions Mesh provided but have never been able to get my PC to boot from this recovery disk. I don't know if this is because the disk has been corrupted or because the PC does not recognize it as a genuine boot disk. I would much rather that they simply provided genuine OEM-supplied disks with the complete operating system - something that PC manufacturers all used to do.

  iscanut 10:45 13 Nov 2010

Whilst not condoning any poor service from Mesh, most main manufacturers only supply a recovery disc of some sort and do not supply original or OEM Windows discs any longer. Custom builders such as Cougar do supply original media though.

  tullie 11:21 13 Nov 2010

Did you boot pc from disk?Why restore the entire system because of a virus,there are usually other options.

  jc0404 14:24 13 Nov 2010

Yeah, I tried everything else I could think of, including suggestions found on the internet for the particular virus (it is called Think Point and masquerades as a virus scanner). However, it seems to have messed up the registry files and I am unable to restore to a previous status. In fact, the latest is that it has stopped even booting up. I have tried removing the battery to wipe out the EPROM and restart from the original settings but even this is disabled.

I realise that Mesh are not the only manufacturers to supply recovery disks instead of OEM Windows disks but in my experience this can cause a tremendous amount of hassle to customers and makes us much more dependent on customer helplines. And when the customer service is not there, the system breaks down. And why do Mesh operate a customer helpline which routinely charges customers £50 without resolving their problems? That is daylight robbery.

  961 14:53 13 Nov 2010

The reason that most manufacturers stopped supplying a Windows oem disk was because of pressure from Microsoft because of their concerns about software piracy

For a time you were able to order an oem copy with a new computer from folk like Dell etc for about £6 extra. Then that was replaced by a recovery disk which in the case of Dell etc was an oem disk by another name

Now if you buy a system you'll be encouraged to make a "recovery disk" when you first boot up the computer. If you don't bother or you don't test the disk to see that it works you have a difficulty

Whether Mesh now supply recovery disks or tell you to make your own I don't know

But I would suggest that you need better anti virus software and need to ensure that it updates daily and that you run a full scan weekly if not more often

However, as to what to do next, you may care to read this thread right down to the end

click here

And don't ring customer helplines. They really are not worth the money. You are much better googling around to find the answer. (But DON'T click on the first helpful site you've never heard of before)

  jc0404 11:50 14 Nov 2010

In my case, I did have up-to-date anti-virus software installed from AVG.
When I did a virus scan with AVG, it did not pick up the problem.
The problem with looking for a solution on the web is that it is very difficult to gauge how reliable the advice is. In this case I followed some instructions on a Yahoo web site which had lots of positive reviews but still ended up messing up my computer.
I notice that the link that you provided indicates that other people have had trouble removing Think Point using available virus and malware programs.

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