Poor Medion UK after sales/warranty service

  kwingu 09:22 06 Dec 2006

I have been using Medion products for years with no problem. and find them good value for money. However, I now have the following problem.

I purchased a Medion Jukebox MD80143 MP3 Player on 22nd April 2005 and this came with a 24 month
guarantee. This worked fine until October when it
developed a fault. The problem that developed was
that, on switching on, the player would not get beyond the "Digital Jukebox" screen, and my computer no longer recognised the device. I reset the player several times without success.
In accordance with the instructions on the guarantee I returned the player in its original packing for repair/replacement, together with all required receipts etc. This was sent using Recorded Delivery and Royal Mail reports having delivered this on 2nd November and obtaining a signature. After two weeks, I emailed Medion to check on progress and received no response. I repeated the emails one week later with the proof of delivery attached, and then got a
response from Medion asking me to provide them with the tracking number. This I did immediately. That was two weeks ago and nothing futher heard. I rang the Hotline (not cheap) a week ago today and have spent over an hour in total listening to music whilst providing BT and Medion with welcome funds. I have sent them another email asking them to ring me but I don't think it's going to happen.

So far, we are 5 weeks, 9 emails and one expensive phone call down the line and Medion has not yet even acknowledged receipt of the player, let alone telling me when it might be repaired/replaced.

Has anyone else experienced such abysmal treatment in terms of customer contact/service with this company. It is beginning to seem to me that the attractive warranties offered by Medion may not be worth the paper they're printed on beyond the statutory one year guarantee provided by law.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:53 06 Dec 2006

Medion UK 0870 7270370

01793 715698 Support Line; also 715699;

Workshop = 01793 715717

At least the next calls will be cheaper using these numbers

  kwingu 18:39 06 Dec 2006

Thanks for your reponse Diodorus Siculus but I tried all the geographical numbers you've given and all that happened was that they referred me to the (excuse me while I have a good laugh) hotline number 0870 7270370 which is where I was treated to a hour's worth of music. Just checked my phones' logs and emails and still no reponse from Medion. I will give them a little longer before cranking up what little pressure I have.

Best regards

  Wilham 21:18 06 Dec 2006

kwingu: You write "In accordance with the instructions on the guarantee I returned the player...." Did the instructions ask you to contact them before sending it back?

I have recently had splendid service from Medion, including a home visit. I'm in the 2nd yr of my 3yr on-site warranty, and I did register the PC with them on-line when bought in 2005.

If you did keep to the guide lines I'm surprised at the poor response you have had.

  kwingu 23:58 06 Dec 2006

There is nothing in the guidelines (and I have just checked the copy I have) asking that I contact Medion prior to returning the item say, for example, to obtain an RMA. The item was returned to Medion in full compliance with the guarantee requirements with a note fully detailing the problem being experienced. As I stated, I did ring the Hotline after returning the goods and spent an hour listening to music without any one actually answering the call. Incidentally, it is likely that this is the same number I would have had to call before sending any goods back if that had been a requirement. The guidelines stated that I should do what I actually did. Medion are quite simply not communicating. They have my address, two phone numbers and an email address. Short of visiting them personally, I can't think how much more helpful I can be!

Best regards

P.S. My enquiries to Medion have always been polite and accurate.

  spuds 00:07 07 Dec 2006

Medion seem to have 'differences' on customer service and relations. I have a number of Medion products, which in my opinion are very good value and solidly built (yes I know they are re-badged).

My bad experience, was when I purchased a Medion flat screen monitor (superb product)from Staples. The only model Staples could offer was one that had been taken out of the box, and was possibly classed as a non-working display model. Contacted Medion to register the warranty and request an instruction booklet, Medion confirmed warranty was now registered, and instruction booklet (photocopied) would be supplied as a chargeable extra. Three days later, received fax from Medion, stating that the warranty was null and void, due to me telling them the monitor had been on display. Long story, but Medion, Staples and myself came into a three point battle. In the end Medion partly relented, and reduced the warranty period by half. Staples finally agreed to cover the full warranty period.So moral of the story, never buy a Medion display or unpacked item, it can cause future problems.

  kwingu 11:41 20 Dec 2006

Don't suppose anyone is reading this thread anymore but just posting this to keep the record straight. It seems that Medion attempted to contact me by telephone on 27/11 to tell me that they were sourcing a replacement for the mp3 player. Unfortunately, they were unable to contact me and no message was left. In later emails, Medion told me that the original model of player was no longer mad but they were sourcing one of comparable or higher specification but they were having some problems processinmg the request through the system. The new player has arrived this week and is a much higher specification than my original unit. It came with a German Mains unit but that can be used with an adaptor plug, and a manual in German (I have worked out how to use most of functions) and I have asked Medion if there is any chance of a manual in English or maybe a pdf version. The model number of the replacement unit is MD80134 and does not appear to have been sold on the UK market.
After my earlier moaning and groaning, I am please to put the record straight and withdraw my previously critical remarks

  Diodorus Siculus 12:00 20 Dec 2006

kwingu - thanks for the feedback; your result is what I'd come to expect from Medion.

  den61 12:22 16 Mar 2008

ive tried to e-mail them five times and never got any reply back from them,ive checked and double checked chat i have filled out thier lengthy forms out every time i e-mail them but they never reply,sa you say the products are ok but the after sales doesn't exist

  spuds 13:42 16 Mar 2008

Have you tried telephoning them. I find that this gets a fairly instant response from Medion.

  mansonc 08:46 10 Dec 2008

I worked there in 2003-4 and while many people did their best, the management were unable to provide enough staff, training, spare parts and support from the parent organisation.

My work was, at various times, in the call centre, the work shop and finally the warehouse were I setup the receive/send out desk. I kept all the boxes and bags labeled and ready to be sent back to the people who sent them in for repair.
Basically, if you don't have a technical problem, then you have got a really good buy. BUT sometimes we had laptops for 2-3 months as the spare parts just were not sent from Germany.

What would I do if I had a 'bung' product?

If you can, backup the data first and remove all CDROMS/DVDs. Data frequently gets wiped :-(

1. Ring the call centre first. I think they open at 08:00 (?) so start ringing just before then as it is less busy.

2. Record the call number and the exact time you rang, whom you spoke with and when the call was terminated. Remind the person you speak with that if any call is made to your phone then a message must be left: name of caller, job number and instruction/request for your action

3. Follow the call centre advice exactly (we had poorly packed stuff turn up and the sender was told they'd have to pay extra or simply have it returned and their warranty canceled).

4. If you have had a commitment made and it has been missed (without any contact being made with you), then ring them again and ask to speak with a supervisor/team leader. You are talking to the right person if they give you their first and second name. Be calm and polite AND know what you want; e.g. please get my item back to me in working order within a week (make sure that the standard 28 days has already been exceeded) OR give me a similar model, as a replacement, within the next two weeks.

5. Still not satisfied?
Write it all out in hard copy and go to the shop where you purchased the product. Speak to the manager. Once again, be calm and polite (same as above)
Tell them you have tried (present evidence + times/dates/job number/ receipt(!!)/people's names)but without success.

The manager doesn't want bad PR and you just given them the ammo they need to get onto Medion management. I would expect some good news pretty soonish!

Let me know how it goes.
Chris ,mansonc@usa.net

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