Poor Customer Service From DABS

  Al94 22:24 24 Jul 2003

Anyone else have experience of DABS? My power supply for three month old Actiontec ADSL wireless router modem has packed in. The modem router is fine as I am currently using it with a borrowed 12v supply which isn't Actiontec and would probably invalidate warranty. DABS are insisting on return of the whole piece of kit, modem, power supply, wireless card and their website says repairs can take 4 to 6 weeks!!!. They are refusing to supply a replacement power supply. What crap service. Any suggestions?

  IClaudio 23:56 24 Jul 2003

Not what you want to hear, but I ordered an Iiyami LCD from them yesterday, 3:15, it turned up this morning at 8:30... and I've had excellent service from them in the past.

Now, if it blows up tomorrow, I might have another story to tell!

They're brilliant box-shifters, but I guess that's as far as it goes?

Good luck m8

  Al94 08:21 25 Jul 2003

Yes Tony, I think you are right but I would never again purchase anything from them other than small bits and pieces. People may whinge about P C World, but I have found them fine with back up if any problems with purchases arise. Proves cheapest isn't necessarily best, they must be flouting the Sales of Goods Act.

  vaughan007 08:50 25 Jul 2003

PC World can be pretty awfull too. Sometimes they never want to replace/repair things.

Basically, DABS are telling you to send everything back. I can understand your irritation at this.


This is the usual and many retailers would not replace an individual item, like the power supply, from a 'package' like you bought without you returning everything. This is because the manufacturer often insists on everything being returned to them (as it is them and not DABS that will have to eventually pay for the failure in the equipment).

Although repairs can take 4-6 weeks. I doubt you would be waiting that long. Like you said, when they check everything they would find the power supply is dead and simply send you a replacement. So I doubt you would be waiting much longer than a week or so.

I think you would probably end up with a complete brand new pack and not just a brand new power supply. Your complete old pack will simply be sent back to Actiontec.

Basically, it seems you are going to have to send eveything back. But I hope this has at least shed some light on why they are insisting you return everything.

Hope you get things sorted out quickly.

Yeah, plenty of experience of Dabs, good and bad but when it's bad it's Bloody awful!!

Take for example a brand new motherboard, installed and working for about six weeks until the thing packs up with constant errors and fails to see memory (Crucial). Had to send it back and that took six weeks! If it had not been for a friendly repair shop who lent me a mobo when mine was away I would have been stuck!

Also, as it was a case of replace and not repair I was rather annoyed that they would not consider be buying a new mobo and then receiving a credit on the old one when the fault was confirmed.

Yes, order by six and you will get it next day (even though you dont ask for 24 hour it all gets shipped as such).

No, send something back and be prepared to be patient....very....very...patient!

  vinnyT 11:34 25 Jul 2003

I don't know if you've already tried this, but why not contact the people who make the kit direct, they may ask for the whole lot to be returned, like Dabs, or may just send you the psu, whatever it may end up faster than dealing through Dabs.

  fitfella29 12:36 25 Jul 2003

my xp2400 died on me and i had to send that back and they said it could take up to 6 weeks but it only took them 1 week to have a new xp2400 on my doorstep.

  bfoc 13:25 25 Jul 2003

With a BenQ film scanner & SCSI card from Dabs, they explained that the whole kit needed to be returned as they have to return failed items to the manufacturers as a unit.

I conatcted the manufacturers and they, on receipt of the SCSI card sent me a new card.

So if you can get in touch with Actiontec they might well be able to help.

  Al94 13:34 25 Jul 2003

I have emailed Actiontec as you suggested and await a response.

  Bruce_Lee 13:58 25 Jul 2003

I bought an Asus 52x writer from Dabs a while ago that was supposed to ship with Nero software. When I recieved the drive it was missing the software so I e-mailed Dabs customer services. (They have no direct phoneline for customer services, because apparently it cuts costs).

It took about 12 e-mails and over a week before I finally got them to send the software.
When I installed it I discovered it was an older version which did not recognise my drive, and I had no product registration code, so I could not download an updated version.

Ended up downloading a 30 day trial version from click here!

Won't be ordering anything from them again in a hurry.

If you are after computer components this is one of the best online shops I have found:


They do a 'Deal For Today' page which lists about 12 different offers every day, as well as a specials page that has 3 offers with big discounts. Worth a look.

  Sydney-229764 14:45 25 Jul 2003

Try redstore.com

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