Plusnet- what a shower!

  MichelleC 15:20 28 Apr 2004

I've been trying to migrate b/b from PlusNet to Metronet since Feb and it still hasn't gone through. It should take 30 days max, but Plusnet messed up with the 1st migration, so it had to start again, and now the same thing has happened again. So, it's going to be another 30 days (unless they cock it up again). Oh, I'm so cross. I'm writing to them, but will need to cool down 1st.

  Spindrift 12:24 29 Apr 2004

Hi MichelleC,

Have you tried contacting Metronet as I notice on their Info page that they can help migrate from present ISP over to their service if you have your own modem/router. Worth a try if you haven't already done so.

  Hunte® 16:14 29 Apr 2004

You haven't said what it was Plusnet did the mucm up the migration, but Metronet should of been aware after 15 days that the migration had hit problems. The way migrations currently work, the new ISP emails BTWholesale, who email the loosing ISP. They then have 14 days to respond. If they fail then it is assumed that they have refused the migration request and it will fail.

Also you cant change product types during the migration. If you are on IPStream 500 (the standard Plusnet account) then you can only move to IPStream 500. The only exception I believe to this is if you are moving to a Datastream based product.

If you still have problems then I suggest contacting Ian Wild or one of the communications team at Plusnet who will usually do all they can to help fix any problems. Email me if you need his contact details.

  Forum Editor 19:29 29 Apr 2004

I suggest that you post the contact details here - so any other interested forum members may take note of it.

  Hunte® 19:45 29 Apr 2004

FE I only haven't because i'm not sure whether he wants it broadcast.

  MichelleC 17:37 03 May 2004

Thanks for imput. I've written to their customer services manager by snailmail. I'll post back when reply comes.

  MichelleC 13:24 18 Jun 2004

I wrote this on 4th May:

...Dear Ms Axe,

I am writing to make a serious complaint against your company’s administration. I have been trying to migrate my adsl service to another supplier since February and have been hampered at every stage by your company. It appears there may be a breach of contract and I view this as tantamount to an ISP’s misuse of BT’s adsl contractual supply to yourselves. It seems to me to be gross misconduct, and I will be informing BT in due course.

On February 27th 2004 at 11.55am I entered my account area and instigated a migration of my adsl service from your company to MetroNet. Incidentally this was not instigated for several days. Two weeks after you had decided to initiate the migration it was terminated by yourselves for no reason. When I found out the migration had been stopped it was then re-instigated by myself. Furthermore, a few days before the second attempt at migration, which was to be completed on April 27th , my account was stopped and the adsl service was halted, again preventing the migration to be finalised. When I spoke to one of your support staff (who was very ‘shirty’) I was informed the direct debit payment had been stopped so you were unable to take a month’s payment for the remaining few days before the migration completion. So, I was expected to pay an entire month’s fee for the remaining few days left on the account just because of your misconduct (at worst), or incompetence (at best).

As far as I am aware a direct debit payment cannot be cancelled without the supplier’s consent, and this should be a matter between First Direct and yourselves.

I view this action by yourselves as a cynical manoeuvre and ploy to prevent your customers from leaving your services. Furthermore, you do not have a fixed postal address on your website, and I will be investigating if this is another breech of contractual duty of care.

I look forward to hearing from you before taking this matter further...

needless to say I got no reply.

  MichelleC 13:28 18 Jun 2004

so I wrote again on 13th May:

...Dear Ms Axe,

I wrote to you on 4th May 2004 regarding a complaint about your company withholding my migration to another ISP but have not heard from you as yet.

Please find enclosed a copy of the letter in case it has been mislaid.

I have taken the precaution of sending this letter by special delivery.

If I have not heard from you in 10 days I will take this matter further either with BT or Ofcom, or with both companies...

and got no reply. So I complained via ISPA UK and luckily Plusnet were one of it's members so they gave them a metephorical kick up the rear port.

Now migration is due on June 25th. Unless something goes wrong again.

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