Plusnet liked by PC Advisor, but not by me

  Raedwald 17:42 24 Mar 2006

From my current experience I cannot endorse your selection of Plusnet as a top-ranking ISP. I reported slowness and hanging problems with my broadband service on 12 March, and as I write this on the 24th I have still not got the problem solved. It has been pinned down to a BT line problem, but as BT is not my ISP they will not discuss it with me. BT raised a telephone call (PSTN) fault on the line when I called them, but closed it the same day. Plusnet say they could not deal with the broadband fault because of the PSTN fault. I told them a week ago the PSTN fault was cleared, and am still waiting for help. I decided this morning the only solution was to move to another ISP, and I have to say that requesting the necessary moving code from Plusnet has caused them to wake up. However, the damage has been done as far as I am concerned, and I am keen to get out of their hands.

  Kerrso05 22:28 24 Mar 2006

I had trouble with plusnet from almost day one. They upgraded me from 512 to 2mb and the line couldn't take it. Yes I know what you are going to say........"that's not their fault" But and it is a big BUT they wouldn't do anything about it. I complained and they blamed my equipment then they blamed BT then they told me to check my equipment then they sent a BT Engineer out who said that it wasn't BT's fault "that it was Plusnets for putting on a line that couldn't take 2 mbs". Eventually they downgraded me to 1mb and then things started to go wrong "Big Style" They put a restriction to downloading. My speed went from 90Kbs to got it right 0.2Kbs
I Complained and Complained and they blamed my equipment and they blamed my line then they blamed me (I was waiting for them to blame my Granny but she's dead)
Eventually, I left them for Eclipse..........and it has been brilliant.....connection first time........speed up to 90Kbs and sometimes more....very helpful customer service....Excellent
My advice is, drop Plusnet as soon as possible......they our Rubbish (of course that is only my humble opinion, I know others who swear by them.....all they did was make me swear

  firber 15:08 26 Mar 2006

I have spent the last three months with sppeds between 0k, 14k and 40k. Plusnet are always blaming BT, or me. I have tried doing the BT speedtest but my line is so slow that it just will not complete the test at all. Now that I have found this forum, I realise maybe I should have left them long ago.

  Rigga 11:21 27 Mar 2006

To add weight to the other side of the argument,

I have been with Plusnet for over four years, on dial up now broadband. And I have always found them excellent. My 2mb BB speed is consistently quick, and my on-line gaming pings are excellent.

Like all ISP's there have been times when their BB service has failed, but a quick change to dial up and a look at their service status page has always been very helpful in explaining the fault, and issuing a return to normal service estimate time.

I have recommended them to family and friends, (even some forum members) and I have yet to receive one complaint along the lines of, "Why did you recommend these you ijit!!".

I especially like them now they are trying to get rid of the bandwidth hogs, and introduce a fair usage policy.

So maybe PCA haven't got it that wrong after all?


  jwhiting 08:52 06 Apr 2006


With regards to speed issues, there are several things that can cause these. Which is why the support staff have to go through diagnostics in order to try and narrow down the cause of any fault. This isn't a case of us blaming it on your equipment, your goldfish or BT, its simply that we have to try and narrow down the cause.

We do try and get you to test with alternate equipment, failing this testing your equipment on a known good line will also suffice, but this is to ensure that it isn't your equipment isn't causing the problem, its just the same as having to test it directly into the master socket. The majority of faults persist past this point, which is where we can start getting BT involved intiially through using the BT Speed Tester, as this cuts out our network and narrows the fault down even more.

Any fault that is then raised to BT can take a while to resolve, as they have to carry out further tests from their side, and if need be task an engineer to check on things from the exchange end of your line.

Last summer, when we put through the bulk regrades for everyone, did cause a number of problems, one of which Kerrso05 appears to have experienced. But all we did was submit an order to BT Wholesale asking them to upgrade everyone to the fastest speed that their line would support, and then BTw used the information that's held in the BT database to carry these out. This is the same information that we use when we place a provide order, and is generally accurate.

Added to this, towards the end of 2005 we started introducing traffic management and the Sustainable Usage Policy to the network, in order to both deal with people who were using much more bandwidth than they were paying for, and in order to build a managed platform that can cope with the Up To 8mb speeds that we're now starting to see appear. Yes, there were some problems with the initial implementation of this, but over the past several months we've been able to refine things and improve the service for the majority of our customers. The packages we offer aren't going to be suitable for everyone, as people wanting to download masses of data 24/7 are soon going to find themselves managed by the network.

Jon Whiting
PlusNet Customer Support

  ittech247 11:50 06 Apr 2006

I have used a few isp's plusnet for a short time but poor service and i moved to who have performed really well, great customer service & support, cant fault them

  Admiral Allstar 21:16 06 Apr 2006

Having used Plusnet for around 3 years I can only say that I have had no real grumbels about them. The one or two times I have had an issue it has been resolved. Once there was a line issue and they emailed out to all customers when the issue was fixed and explained the problem. I think anyones experience of an isp is pot luck - each phone line is different and has its own unique problems. OK some issues are caused by an ISP and it is the reaction of the ISP to these which influences a customers impression.

That said, I have heard and seen instances when the customer was right but approached the situation in the wrong manner. When they didnt get the service or result they expected they have their view re-inforced.

I am not saying that you have approached this incorrectly and from your post I would say that you havent been treated as professionally as you would like. That said, perhaps some advice from other more worldly wise forum members would help??

  The Spires 21:36 06 Apr 2006

I don't use PlusNet but I have advised 3 relatives to use them, all have been quite happy with no issues in two years or more. However all are light users who use the net mainly for browsing emails etc. My nephew has used F9 - part of PlusNet for nine years or so & he is not a light user.

  smit49 18:29 04 May 2006

I have been with Plusnet for over 4 years and have been generally happy with the service. Email service can be a bit iffy but on the whole has been good. What lets Plusnet down is there support. One of my customers has been without service for over 2 weeks and they will only communicate through the ticket system. This customer asked me to monitor and reply. Plusnet seems to be going through th esame loop, doing tests, coming a a conclusion without phoning the customer and have suggested 3 times testing from the master socket.
In conlusion, Plusnet is OK when it's working but if it goes faulty be prepared to wait 30 mins for their telephone support and be without service for a long period. Surely at this stage in the game they should be able to manage the PN/BT interface better? AsPlusnet seem to minitor this forum - th euser name of my customer is (broomfieldcres)

  HondaMan 18:47 04 May 2006

I agree that their ticket system is appalling. A friend of mine joined them a few weeks ago. Because of their system it took 2 months for him to become a member and he had to get a second MAC number from BT.

It seems that his application was lost in their system, but as has been said, when it works, its great

  mswall 15:51 17 May 2006



I would currently strongly advise you NOT to join PlusNet (I am mswall username at PlusNet). Here is my experience so far. I joined back in November 2005. I had the occasional blip and put up with the 30 minute support calls to deal with them mistakenly setting my account to a subscription only (when in fact I had to correct them that it is in fact a PAYG that I requested). In the process, my webspace was deleted and all my cgi space was wiped. Lucky I had weekly backups and lost 1 weeks worth of work (not the whole 3 months). No apologies from PN by the way, no warnings. It just happened.

Now 6 months down the line I was given an upgrade to 8mb line (April 20th) (which I didnt ask for). Since then I have not been able to connect to PlusNet at all. This time, my calls were 45 mins + (local rate, amounting to significant phone charges) and TWICE I was automatically cut off after 45 mins of waiting.

I immediately raised a support request from my work internet connection and the next day I finally did get through on the phone lines (after a 45 minute wait). I spoke to an individual who advised me that not to worry, PlusNet will fix the problem if I ran some checks and confirmed that the hardware was not at fault. Customer support also suggested I would have my invoicing date moved forward to the point the connection is reinstated.

3 weeks later I have only experienced what can be described as threats of bailiffs if I cancel my subscription, extra surcharges of over £50 (1 month pay as you go plus a disconnection charge of £47), very rude customer support staff (after I have been completely polite. Let me expand.

PLUSNET NOW DO NOT OFFER PHONE SUPPORT NOW. This means if you have connection problems (as many many people now do, after PlusNet has effectively outsourced its broadband supply to other carriers) they advise you to raise support requests over the web. Obviously a considerable inconvienience if you are unable to connect to the web.

On Saturday 13th May (today is the 17th) I contacted customer support to confirm that my hardware had been tested and the fault was definately not with the hardware at my end. PlusNet had raised a carrier support ticket against Tiscali who apparently now own the local line network. I am paying PlusNet for my broadband who are paying Tiscali to provide it for me. As you can imagine, not an ideal scenario when it comes to identifying who is at fault. And trying to get PlusNet to sort the problem out when it is in fact Tiscali who own the lines is like playing a game of tennis by the way. Back and forth, back and forth - I would say 3 times the effort.

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