Plusnet issues, just me???

  picklefactory 17:02 29 Sep 2006

Anyone else having issues with Plusnet d/load speed? I've been with them for about 2 years now, been great up to the last month or so. I got upgraded to the dreaded 'Up to 8Mb' about 3 months ago, initially fantastic, was hitting peak of 4500Kbs d/load at some times of the day, which is about right for my distance from exchange, but last month my speeds have dropped through the floor, today I could only get 283Kbs for example, averaging around 900Kbs lately. Been through lengthy dialogue through Plusnet Support (Gone on for about 3 weeks now), done all the Plusnet and BT speed tests,and still no joy and now they seem to be losing interest and fobbing me off with the 'Your speeds are within the operating parameters of the service' blurb. Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems?

  Pegasus. 01:33 30 Sep 2006

I have had the same sort of problems (with FreeOnline, which is an Plusnet company).

As I stated on their Forum, in My Opinion all these problems have been on the Increase since Plusnet/FOL decided to Slice themselves another piece of the Commercial Pie & start offering a Phone Service & Etc!

  picklefactory 11:22 30 Sep 2006

I've been asking around at work and found another couple of people with Plusnet, all having serious speed/disconnection problems in the last month or so, and also struggling to get the issues resolved with Plusnet Support. I think it is time to move on. Shame, as for the previous 18 months or so, they provided me with a great service.

  Stuartli 12:06 30 Sep 2006

Are you on LLU - PlusNet uses the Tiscali LLU base.

  steve12345 13:52 30 Sep 2006

Yes for a few weeks now, I've had speed problems from 4pm-11pm weekdays and now most of the weekend as well. I've also gone through the support stuff and been told the same thing. It's becoming unbearable now and am on the verge of looking for a different ISP.

  picklefactory 14:40 30 Sep 2006

Don't think so, (Don't really know what LLU is). If I'm on it, I didn't know I was.

  Stuartli 15:31 30 Sep 2006

LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) is equipment installed by individual ISPs at BT exchanges. You can find out if Tiscali has the equipment in your exchange at:

click here

  picklefactory 16:10 30 Sep 2006

Yes LLU is installed at my exchange
Be: Enabled
Bulldog: Enabled
Carphone Warehouse: RFS date set: 31/08/2006
Easynet: Enabled
Edge Telecom: Not available
HomeChoice: Not available
Pipex: Not available
Node4: Not available
Tiscali: Enabled
Wanadoo: Enabled
Zen Internet: Not available
I'm with Plusnet, who I believe have links through Tiscali, though I'm unsure of the details. How do I know if I'm on LLU or not, and what would that mean to me?

  cmagowan 00:48 17 Oct 2006

i seem to be gettign plusnet issues.
LLU is not available.

my upload speed is always great, usually about 40 KB/s, whereas normally my download rate never exceeds 13KB/s.
sometimes however, usually during the night, something happens, and instantly my download rate takes a sudden jump up to over 50 KB/s, which might last for a few hours, then shoot back down to a consatnt 13KB/s again! it used to do that quite regulalry, eg every other night or so, now it onyl seems to do it once a fortnight!
why would my upload rate far exceed my downlaod rate?
according to my router, i connect at around 900 Kb/s, but no matter what it says i am connected at, my download speeds remain unchanged!!
can anyone give me an explanation?

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