Plusnet ?

  amonra 18:19 18 Apr 2007

After quite a long time with Wanadoo/Orange and their associated problems, I have decided a move is in order. I dont want to get tied in to another 12 month contract so I have been very taken with Plusnet's offer of 1 month at a time and a price that's much better than Wanadoo.
Are there any Plusnet users out there ? and what's your opinion of their service ? Failing that, any other suggestions for short term contracts ?

  bennyhillslovechild 23:05 18 Apr 2007

I'm on Plusnet premier option one. I'm reasonably happy with it, although the service seems to have degraded a little during the last couple of months. They also have some bandwidth throttling issues for some applications, ie peer to peer is very slow during the day, but is a lot faster at night - that kind of thing...they also throttle back your bandwidth as you approach your limits (20gb peak time for option one, unlimited off peak. Peak is 4pm to midnight)
All told though, I've been with Plusnet for about 2 years, and i'm not in a huge rush to change.

  Taff™ 09:35 19 Apr 2007

I know three friends who took PlusNet for the very same reasons you stated. No problems whatsoever but be warned that if you accept their free hardware and free installation and then leave them within 12 months you will have to pay some exit charges. You can pay the installation fee up front if you wish.

  Simsy 16:58 19 Apr 2007

and have been reasonably happy. There has been the odd occassion when there has been a failure since I've been with them, (about 18 months), but it's only been a matter of hours.

Tech help was failrly swift, via email... though I never got the strange problem with my website resolved.* It wasn't important so didn't persue it.

The one thing that does rather annoy though is the fact that the dial up number that's available to you if the ADSL fails is not free. I think that's wrong, as you're only going to use it if the ADSL, which you're already paying for, isn't working.

(* .xls files would only download as .doc files!! I solved problem by zipping ll .xls files)



  amonra 18:41 21 Apr 2007

Thank you all for your comments, no real "Dont do it !" so I think I'll take the plunge.

  Simsy 21:10 21 Apr 2007

for me to add, that this thread has prompted me to check the problem I had with my website, previously mentioned.

All now seems to be well!



  cottie 01:39 26 Apr 2007

sorry i was too late!

poor fella doesn't know what he's let himself in for.

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