Pleased With Our New Evesham Computer

  sharpe 00:03 19 Apr 2003

Having an old DAN computer, (about 5 years old) we decided to get a new computer. As many will know Dan had an excellent reputation, (probably why they had problems) Using the pages of the PC Adviser forum I decided to go for an Evesham.

We have had it for about six weeks now, time enough for niggles to show and (touch wood) up to now it's been excellent. Apart from it arriving with a continental mains lead, quickly rectified by Evesham, we have found it to be everything we required and are really pleased with our purchase.


  powerless 00:36 19 Apr 2003

Mine was too, no problems apart from a CD did not work...

Only thing is got to to pay it for all on the 15th May :-(

  hoverman 07:53 19 Apr 2003

Wouldn't go anywhere else for a PC. I have bought two PC's from Evesham in recent years and both are superb. Their Technical Support is equally superb.

  Dogger 09:23 19 Apr 2003

Replaced my old PC last year with one from Evesham, I have not regreted it, its perfect.

Had a problem with the Hard Drive, but was fixed within two days.


  microswift 14:19 19 Apr 2003

Evesham seem to be building a reputation for reliability, I bought from them August last year and no problems to date. Hoverman comments on their superb tech support, probably because they have less disgruntled customers and therefore more time to attend to those who have a problem.

  mole44 11:20 20 Apr 2003

i agree about evesham i use one of there machines and its gone without a hitch for over 5 years

  Offline 12:33 20 Apr 2003

Well I built my own & I give 24/7 support to myself, if it does go wrong I will work through the night until it is fixed. The build quality of the PC is superlative. On the occasions I have had problems the support person (me) has been prompt, very good looking!, kind, and talked myself through the problem. I can't rate myself higher, on a negative note, I do notice the support person can get very grumpy & bad tempered when there is a large issue. And goes speechless with some paranoia if XP requires a reinstall. :-)

  nik69 19:58 20 Apr 2003

I ordered my pc from evesham approx 2 weeks ago now. I opted for the deferred credit as I thought this will ensure if anything goes wrong the company will want to sort it more than if I paid out straight away. The paperwork arrived about 5 days after my online order, I returned immediatly. Then eagerly awaited my new pc...there was no phone call or email but after just 5 days it arrrived. I was gobsmacked!!
I set it all up, no problems at all and am very very pleased with it so far.
It is so much quiter than my old Time machine.
I would definately recommend Evesham to anyone.
Thanks Evesham!

  cheapskate2k 21:22 20 Apr 2003

Ive had my evesham since december and it (touch wood) has been brilliant. I have had to do a couple of clean installs of XP but that was down to me, apart from that it hasnt missed a beat apart from being rather noisey.

  sharpe 23:39 21 Apr 2003

Having seen how good Dan had got the aftersales and tech helpline bit as well as putting together a good machine it seems that Evesham are every bit as good as them. I am sure there are one or two people on the pc adviser forum who have hitches with their Evesham PC's but going by the general feedback it seems most people seem happy with their purchase and it is good to know that at least one manufacturer is interested in more than just taking your money but is also prepared to provide some sort of decent aftersales service. So full marks to Evesham, remember look after us and the word will soon spread!!! (as it did in my case)

  ams4127 22:10 24 Apr 2003

You have convinced me!

I've just placed an order for an Evesham Evolution P4 3.06Ghz monster.

If all your stories are born out I shall be one very happy bunny!

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