please tell me about "simplifies Winc98se 40M"?

  tony168 10:14 05 Apr 2003

Where is his paper?
Thank you very much!!!
Sorry, my english is bad :(

The overseas old man simplifies Winc98se 40M
Source: PConline
Chief-editor: yxj

Other day, one 67 year old overseas computers had a fever the friend declare, he will succeed the huge Windows 9x operating system reduce 40MB. This is not the compression, but is real only occupies the 40MB hard disk space. The after Windows 9x process simplifies may complete the start within several seconds.

It is reported, this overseas old man was gallbladder large package day issue free CD and the user handbook, in order to more people attempted his masterpiece. He all published all information in " Consultant PC the discussion forum " at the discussion forum. Everybody may register the discussion forum and sees the correlation data, at present already had 500 readers in light of this messages: click here

Reduces the system altogether only has 1339 systems and the application procedures document. Microsoft issues 98SE had 9318 documents. He indicate, he made reduce system 100% use the Microsoft Windows 98SE essence, reduced the system only is retains the Windows system core, left out the very many not essential documents. He indicate, only has Microsoft Windows 98SE may so revise, LINUX actually is unacceptable.

Windowsc98se only remains 40M! Sounds to be truly inconceivable, after actually but reduces the system can exist the flaw in the function or the movement, looks like real trial one trial only then knows.

  VoG™ 10:18 05 Apr 2003

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