**Please Recommend an External Hard Drive**

  southpaw 20:05 18 Aug 2005


Could someone please recommend a good, reliable, fast, safe, large and reasonable priced external hard drive?

Links would also be nice ;-)

Thanks in advance

  Ancient Learner 20:45 18 Aug 2005

How about a caddy. Then you choose your own HDD, perhaps even an old one, and use that.

It is so simple to fit up and use just like another HD. They are cheap enough at click here . If I can do it, anyone can!

  southpaw 21:01 18 Aug 2005

Sorry should just mention that I need an external hard drive as I have a laptop.

  Ancient Learner 21:13 18 Aug 2005

Fine. Your Laptop will have a USB connection I'm sure. That's all that is needed, plus, of course, with any external hard drive, a mains connection to power it.

With the caddy, you just put in to the caddy a hard drive, and there you have an external hard drive.

  southpaw 21:20 18 Aug 2005

Is it that easy?

Do I just need a caddie and a HD?

Do I get cables with the caddie? Could you list exactly what I need?

I'm no techie so is it something I could do?

  joesoaps 22:48 18 Aug 2005

For external USB hard drive click here .The LaCie drives are good,use one myself>

  squashman 00:43 19 Aug 2005

I just bought a western media 250gb external hdd from amazon, £99, free dely, arrived in 3 days. excellent. xp recognises, couldn't beleive how easy it was

  Robert-272781 06:57 19 Aug 2005

I recently bought a Western digital 250Gb media centre. Its quiet, fast and worked straight out of the box (just plugged it in [I've got XP home edition]). Personally, I think its worth paying the extra for the media centre to get the dual firewire /USB2 connectivity, the back-up software, and the additional USB2/Firewire/card reading ports.

  Ancient Learner 12:13 19 Aug 2005

It really is so simple. When you buy a caddie, it comes complete with its own internal cooling fan. Inside the box, which in my case, the £19.99 one, opened with knurled screws so that even a screwdriver was not needed, are the 2 connectors to plug into the Hard drive and these will only fit one way. You are supplied with the USB cable and the 13 amp plug, which drops the voltage, and mains cable. You need nothing else except the Hard Drive, which has to be NOT a SATA drive, and you can choose your own size and source.

  southpaw 18:03 19 Aug 2005

Thanks everyone I have a few ideas now

  trevski2001 18:34 19 Aug 2005

I would beware of Western Digital, I used one of their USB drives for storage, after less than two years very light usage it failed. They don't do repairs/recovery, they don't stock parts, all they will do is refer you to a company who wants to charge £1000 for retrieval...if you use an 'unapproved' company that will void the warranty. Ironically it was used in part to backup the hard drive in my desktop computer which has had nearly four years heavy usage and is still going strong. This drive is manufactured by Seagate.

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