Please help me with phone scam

  dunderheid 10:08 29 Nov 2007

I was phoned at least 12 times yesterday with the offer of a loan of £10000 at 7% interest. Despite telling them to get lost in very strong language they keep phoning back.

I have even held a pensioner's personal alarm up to the mouthpiece of the phone and it does not deter them.

I am positive these calls are from abroad, and they phone from a different number every time. The last number they phoned from was 0009031.

  anchor 10:19 29 Nov 2007

Some of these sales calls do come from abroad, and many are pre-recorded messages. Probably that`s why your personal alarm does not deter them.

You could speak to BT, but I doubt they could stop nuisance calls coming from abroad.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:34 29 Nov 2007

click here is an article that might help.


  dunderheid 10:56 29 Nov 2007

Thank you for the speedy responses to my post.

Unfortunately I am not with BT.

I completely severed ties with BT years ago when I moved to Onetel, and am now with talktalk for phone and broadband. I do not pay BT for line rental!

  €dstowe 11:20 29 Nov 2007

A lot of these messages are recordings so it doesn't matter very much what loud noises you make from your end. You only get in contact with a live person if you do something positive such as pressing a key in response to their prompt.

The telephone numbers themselves are most likely dialled by a random telephone number generator and when that finds a live response, it remembers it and then dials again and again and again for a specified number of times or until someone responds in a positive manner - such as pressing the required button.

I was plagued the other day by a recorded call claiming "This is an important message from Lloyds TSB Customer Services. Press any key to continue." My parents have had this call as well. I know all the people that are likely to call me from Lloyds TSB and this voice is not one of them. Besides, if anyone wants to speak to me, I expect at the very least that the person on the other end is live and real, not a recorded voice or something resembling a constipated Dalek.

  interzone55 11:42 29 Nov 2007

Shame you moved from BT, you could have made use of the BT Privacy facility which goes a long way to stopping these time of calls.

My number isn't listed anywhere, it's sent to the relevant agencies to stop sales calls, and I get free caller ID.

As for using an attack alarm down the phone, you could do some serious damage that way and could be charged with assault, a totally disproportionate reaction on your part.

If they keep ringing get onetel to trace the calls, I feel that their Mumbai call centre probably wouldn't be much help

  dunderheid 12:08 29 Nov 2007

"a totally disproportionate reaction on your part"

Would you feel it "disproportionate" if you had been plagued about 12 times in the one day and you had told these people to stop calling you and they still persisted?

Let me tell you, I would do it again without any compunction whatsoever! The alarm is sitting beside the phone at this very minute!

  interzone55 12:47 29 Nov 2007

Ever had punctured eardrums?

The person, if it is indeed a human & not a recorded message, is only doing their job, they are not at fault. In fact the chances are that any human at the other end is not the same as the one who dialled the previous 12 times.

Report the calls to Talk Talk "customer service" and have done with it. If you have caller ID and do not recognise the number don't answer. Now put the attack alarm away

  dunderheid 12:57 29 Nov 2007

I think it's time somebody put you away!

I didn't come on here to listen to homilies from an old sweety wife!

  dunderheid 13:03 29 Nov 2007

Don't you have the sense to realise that I don't use the alarm until I have established who is calling me, and that I know for certain it is one of the team who have called already and been told to stop it?

Don't bother posting any more as I won't be replying to anything you might post on the subject. It's obvious you are one of these people who must have the last word!

It was practical advice I was looking for. Not a penny lecture!

  xania 14:24 29 Nov 2007

Whilst I do sympathise with your problem, I have to say that I think you are running the risk of prosecution for assault. A better approach might be to try speaking to your service provider of to OFTEL for advice. However, I also suspect that having had to put up with this for one day, they may well have now got the message and leave you alone. I really do hope so.

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