Please help me with my rights

  Tadhg 15:15 03 Jul 2007

Hi there,
I have had an absolute nightmare with Mesh computers and was wondering if anybody can help me with my problem. Basically I'm just wondering if I have any options except to carry on sending my PC back to them.

TO make a very long story a bit shorter, I bought a PC from Mesh about a year ago and after about 1 month it started to crash and restart randomly, this gradually got worse until I sent the PC back to them for repair.

When the computer got back it, the engineers report said they could not find the fault so they replaced the motherboard.
It was fine for about 3 weeks when the same thing started happening again.
I contacted them again and they sent a new fan, again it was fine for about 3 weeks and again the same problem came back.
I contacted them again, sent the computer back, they sent it back with a note saying they could not find the fault, it was fine again for a month and now again the same thing.
Now they want me to send it back again!
The computer has been situated at two different addresses, both of which have other computers which work fine.

This is really driving me mad as I spent a lot on this computer, and I think seeings as it has gone back so many times and they can't fix it, surely at some point they must be obliged to offer a replacement...?

Can anybody shed some light on my options?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


  lisa02 15:30 03 Jul 2007

"3 weeks"

What have you added to the system in the "3 weeks" each time?

It's gone back 3 or 4 times? Came back clean and working and then lapsed back to the faulty state after 3 weeks? Could it be your software conflicting in the system?

  Tadhg 15:38 03 Jul 2007

I don't think so, as I the first and last time, I pretty much left the PC in its factory state to make sure that was not the case.

When I say 3 weeks it might be misleading, thats just roughly, but yes it would work for a short while each time and then start shutting down again.

  lisa02 16:00 03 Jul 2007

The experience with Mesh on this site is persistence, persistence, persistence to get results.

It's up to you to prove the fault. Document it, video evidence?

If they fail to offer a reasonable solution see consumer direct. click here

Solution might be a partial refund, taking off money for the use you've had of the system, a repair or replacement. Which ever is economically viable for Mesh to carry out.

  MESH Support 16:13 03 Jul 2007

As I've pointed out elsewhere, we've examined the system twice now and found no fault, and each time we have returned it the system seems to work for a period of time.

This is either an intermittent problem with a long period between occurrences or something to do with how the system is kept or run at your end.

I have offered to have the system examined again as this is all I could do in this situation. I cannot see anyone agreeing to replace a system of this age outright without even seeing the problem once beforehand.

lisa02's document the fault suggestion has certain merit however I must point out we aren't denying that something is happening, only that without establishing the cause or even just seeing the fault ourselves once, it's not entirely clear what the necessary action is.


  spuds 16:15 03 Jul 2007

Try emailing [email protected] (but I haven't noticed him around lately!) asking if he can assist and help with resolving the problem.

Failing that, follow lisa02 advice, and/or perhaps contact your credit card or finance company,requesting their help and advice if you paid by that means.

Seeing how the problems seem to occur in short bursts after return, I would possibly suspect a software problem, more than an hardware fault.

  Starfox 16:17 03 Jul 2007

Don't know if this will be any help to you now but my cousin bought a pc from Mesh and had exactly the same trouble, I think they had it back at least 5 times. Eventually he got so fed up with it he took it to his local p.c shop who replaced the power supply unit and it has been perfect ever since.

  jimv7 16:30 03 Jul 2007

Does not the event viewer give you a red flagged error message, at least this would be a guide to this persistent fault.

  Tadhg 16:41 03 Jul 2007

Thanks for your replies, your help is much appreciated.

Hello again Davey!

Lisa, when I say every three weeks, sorry thats not exactly true, what I mean is it would work for a short time after its return, could be three weeks, could be a month, and then the problem would start again... it does sound like a software problem, but I have avoided installing anything new in the past and yet the problem persists.

Spuds, I have indeed been in contact with Davey for some time now... :)

Cheers Starfox, I would really like to avoid having to replace anything myself since this problem has been accoring since I bought the computer and I think it should really be up to Mesh to fix it. In all fairness I guess they have been trying, I just wanted to know if I have to keep sending it back indefinatley or do I have any other rights.

Jim, I believe it does, I have passed them onto Mesh, but personally I'm just not that clued up to understand them...

Thanks you all for your replies!


  Fellsider 21:38 03 Jul 2007

Davey has offered to look at the problem, however that may cause a problem as it would have to be over a lengthy period.

What are the chances of Mesh lending you
a PC and letting them test your PC for, say, a month in an attempt to replicate the problems?

  wee eddie 22:29 03 Jul 2007

You haven't given us any idea of the work/use you are putting on the PC too, or the Software that you are running to do that.

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