PLEASE help me decide - Samsung, Dell or Asus i3 laptop

  mansla 09:55 29 Jan 2012

Hi folks, cannot decide on which budget laptop to buy due to being a complete novice. Have never had a laptop before and my last PC was a Dell desktop 7 years ago which is near enough dead now.

Will be using it for my business (remote admin work) and for general family use - lots of web browsing, emails, Word docs, excel, powerpoint, downloading music, family photos and videos.

I need reliability, good customer service, and speed of multitasking.

I cannot decide between the following 3 - they all have Intel 2nd Gen i3 2330 2.2ghz cup, Intel HD 3000 Graphics, 4GB RAM and 500GM hard drive, apart from the ASUS which has 6GB RAM. THey all have webcam, HDMI, wifi and bluetooth. The Dell has a USB 3 port but the others done but I dont think thats a big issue for me: Samsung RV520 Dell Inspiron 15R Asus K53E

They are all about the same price £400 ish. Does any one stand out in terms of reliability, quality of brand etc etc?

Thanks v much M

  HondaMan 11:43 29 Jan 2012

You could also try Acer

I have had one for 3 years and it has been faultless. Admittedly it's a high-end machine, but the family name is good and on the one occasion when it did give trouble (illuminated keyboard) there support was excellent.

  HondaMan 11:44 29 Jan 2012

OOps their not there.

  frybluff 12:21 29 Jan 2012

I, too, have been struggling to choose a new laptop, from the point of view of reliability and "customer service". One comes across lots of negative opinions, but positive opinions are more "elusive". All I can say, regarding your choice, is that I have been using a budget Samsung (obviously an earlier model), for nearly 3 years, without any problems. My only real reason for changing now is that I need something with greater graphics capabilities. I can't comment on Samsung's customer service, as I've never had to contact them, but perhaps that says it all.

  Forum Editor 13:28 29 Jan 2012

Most laptops work prefectly, straight from the box, and - provided they are looked after with a degree of care - continue to do so for years. I have several laptops and all of them have been trouble-free (said he, tempting fate). The oldest of them is a Toshiba,which has been used on a daily basis for four years, and hasn't put a foot wrong.

Customer service becomes an issue when something does go wrong, but the chances that you will never have to find out are very good indeed.

I've used an Asus K53E, and I didn't like the keyboard or the display. In all other respects it was a decent machine.The Samsung is a rather pedestrian machine, and the Dell doesn't inspire me either.

I suggest you take a look at the HP Pavilion dv6-6b60sa if your budget can be stretched to around £580, or the Lenovo IdeaPad Z570. The latter will cost around £500 if you shop around, and is a bargain at that price.

  mansla 15:09 29 Jan 2012

Thanks. I have had a look at Amazon and the Lenovo G570 is showing several options:

i3 6GB/750GB blueray £474 i3 6GB/750GB no blueray (£50 cheaper) i5 6GB/750GB no blueray £479 i5 4GB/750GB blueray i5 4GB/500GB blueray £443

I should get VAT off these prices as I live in Jersey and on Amazon delivery is free so all in all can get the price down. This means that most of these are just about afordable to me. Which is the best bet.

I have read though that Lenovo have awful after sales tech service if you have a problem?

Thanks for taking the time to repond. M

  mansla 15:13 29 Jan 2012

And whats the deal with blueray - what exactly is it!? shows how rubbish I am at all things techno! Thanks

  frybluff 15:37 29 Jan 2012

I have been looking at the Lenovo Z570 (a PCA review would be good), but have tended to be put off by all the negative comments I hear about Lenovo. Also the Z570 mysteriously "disappeared" from their website, about a week ago. If you click on Z570, you get a choice between the Z370 and Z575 (a totally different animal). This may be just a website fault, but I have been unable to confirm this, which doesn't fill me with confidence!

  mansla 16:02 29 Jan 2012

Sorry just realised those prices were for the G570 not the Z570 so perhaps not such a bargain?

  Forum Editor 16:55 29 Jan 2012


"have tended to be put off by all the negative comments I hear about Lenovo."

What have you heard? I have a Lenovo ThinkPad, and it's a superb computer. I haven't had to use Lenovo's customer service, but the laptop is an excellent machine.

  frybluff 17:27 29 Jan 2012

The G570 is a decent piece of kit, although many of the versions you may see on Amazon are now out of production. The current G570 versions are very much at the "budget end", and the better specs seem to have been "merged" into the Z570. Personally, I would forget Blue-ray on a budget laptop. Blue-ray is, basically, super high definition DVD; but, unless you have a quality screen to match (which you won't get on a budget laptop), I really don't see the point. True, you can hook it up to you TV, for display, but if you are going to do that, you'd just as well buy a dedicated Blue-ray player. You can get a "half way decent" one for under £70.

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