Playstation3 4Ghz Multiple Core CPU!

  Bleep 17:41 08 Feb 2005

click here

Faster than 4 GHz

256 billion calculations per second

2.5MB of on-chip memory

Able to shuttle data to and from off-chip memory at speeds up to 100 gigabytes per second,

234 million transistors

Start Saving!

  Cybermaxx 18:45 08 Feb 2005

Saving for what exactly? A Playstation 3? Nah! Just wait a while and the price will drop, just like every other console.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:01 08 Feb 2005

Nothing a console can do that a fast pc with a powerful graphics card can't.

So much that a fast pc with a powerful graphics card can do that a console can't.

I won't be buying a console.

  NoeK 20:26 08 Feb 2005

I'd like to clarify your last comment;

"The Cell processor, which will drive Sony's PlayStation 3, will run 10-times faster than current PC chips, its designers have said."

Although i'd like to think my PC could outspeed this machine, i'd be lying. It is of course blisteringly fast but i can't think of any game that would require this sort of power; the PS2 handled games quite comfortably and that was at what, 800mhz? So yes, i agree with your comments anyway Mr Mistoffelees.


  ade.h 20:27 08 Feb 2005

As much as I love computing, I could never be persuaded to use one for games; a £300+ graphics card and bells-&-whistles CPU or a sub-£100 console with games that are guaranteed to run? My wallet wins that one, and it also agrees with Cybermaxx. Early adopters have more money than patience.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:12 08 Feb 2005

Another thought: Is that Cell processor going to come with a built in frying pan to cook egg and bacon? I imagine it's going to generate a fair amount of heat.

  NoeK 21:25 08 Feb 2005

Unless Sony is pulling of another way of advertisement, maybe a built in egg-cooker?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:44 08 Feb 2005

chip was a 128bit 133mhz chip.

I don't believe a dedicated to gaming console will be faster than a standard computer.

What would intel,amd have to say about it?

  Bleep 21:50 08 Feb 2005

This forum has simply gone to the dogs, if you make a post you either get 'fan boys' for n'vidia,ATI,AVG,Zone or Alarm.

Then the anti tiny and mesh brigade and now the, 'well my pc is better than a console'

The PS3 will be a better games platform than any PC that any of us own today including my 6800 Ultra set up @ a price less than my GPU.

Anyway I was only pointing out the merits of the new hardware from sony, I guess ill have to find a forum with people that are actaully interested in Technology......

  HXP 22:02 08 Feb 2005

Don't take it personally bleep - I am interested, and although some of the posters are a little curt the points they make are valid enough.

Keep posting and don't let the negs outweigh the good stuff.

I brought a PS2 ( well talked in to it by my son ) and it is good for driving games etc although i am afraid the graphics are a bit dire - low res tele and they still look iffy.

I think the good thing about them is that they run as soon as you put the DVD in because the hardware is fixed - unlike PC's where it is modular.

You get a greater range of software ( not titles but types of games ) with the PC.

I look forward to seeing demos of the new PS3 sure it will be good.

Keep posting, mate but if you do post expect a wide range of replies including some from those who are a little errrr aggresive !!


  JonnyTub 22:05 08 Feb 2005


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