silverous 09:29 23 Oct 2007

Always had a good experience with in the past for books, cds, dvds however I have not been impressed with my recent order for a networking item (approx. value £100).

I ordered last Wednesday, ok you might say that isn't a very long wait however for something you required and noted that they send "Special Delivery" and was in stock I would expect a few days at most. I ordered it in plenty of time for it to be dispatched same-day as most internet operations seem to however play decided to dispatch it at the end of the next day.

It has not arrived, and that is when the fun begins. No "contact us" email address is listed, has to be by phone. I spoke to a girl who almost immediately recited the "it is in the terms and conditions you signed up to when you placed the order that you have to wait 21 days before we can do anything about an order that doesn't turn up". In fact, I can see no such thing in their terms and conditions. It is listed somewhere on their site but appears to be against standard postage as Gadgets have a separate section.

The girl I spoke to couldn't tell me if it went by Royal mail, Special Delivery or what mechanism and kept referring to a courier. They had NO tracking number for goods costing one hundred pounds.

I would expect something that states "Special Delivery" to be trackable and certainly to arrive within days without having to wait 21 days for it to turn up. Very unimpressed compared to other internet operations.

No doubt people will say I should be patient, but in this day and age and with "special delivery" I don't expect to have to be! No other internet operation seems to work this way that I have used.

  lisa02 09:57 23 Oct 2007

I have never bought anything of value from them because of their P&P system. Besides that they seem a bit expensive for electronics compared to others.

  donki 10:30 23 Oct 2007

Could the postal strike have something to do with this? I have a friend who works in the main Belfast sorting office over here in Norn Iron and he says it is madness at the moment. He has been told that the back log, especially for packages and special deliveries, will take up to 2 weeks to clear.

Play would be my first stop for buying software, music and dvd's and id purchase numerous items a month never with any problems, im sure they have their compliants thou. Hope u get it sorted ASAP.

  silverous 10:37 23 Oct 2007

I don't think the postal strike should affect Special Delivery, perhaps that's naive. I still think they should have some mechanism of tracking.

Odd that he says the backlog for parcels and special deliveries will take that long to clear - perhaps that explains it.... I received something posted first class on Friday, but perhaps stuff posted earlier last week is taking longer than more recently posted stuff somehow.

lisa02> They are actually the cheapest for this product more or less.

  wjrt 13:01 23 Oct 2007

are based in Jersey and have noticed even for books that they seem to take a few days more. if memory correct earlier this year another firm moved to Channel Isles and had problems with mailing times

  techie4me 13:13 23 Oct 2007

Ordered a book earlier in the year and they sent the wrong edition.
Very quick to acklowledge it was their mistake & a refund was very quickly given.
It was a joy to deal with their customer service by email. Prompt reply etc.
That said the high volume of their sales means that every now & then someone is bound to get a poor service or delivery.

  interzone55 21:11 23 Oct 2007

If use the Royal Mail Special Delivery Service then the postal strike will affect it quite badly, as the parcel will be stuck somewhere in one of their depots.

Amazon got on to this early and switch couriers well before the strike.

Here's a lesson for you, if you want something quickly, use a company based on the mainland, and preferably one that offers a guaranteed next day service, not one that buries the terms & conditions quite as deeply as they do.

  FatboySlim71 23:00 23 Oct 2007

I had a PS3 game sent out last Wednesday by and I only received it today.

I posted a Special Delivery item the day after the strikes had finished and that was delivered in the usual time frame.

If the item has been sent by Special Delivery then should be able to provide you with a tracking number as ALL Special Delivery items have a tracking number.

I can imagine the Royal Mail losing millions of pounds worth of contracts and personally if I were a mail order business I would definitely not use the Royal Mail, I find their service slow compared to other couriers and thats when they have not been on strike.

  silverous 08:36 24 Oct 2007 state special delivery on their site but when challenged the help desk lady said there was no number on the system and it must have gone by courier - to which I obviously enquired whether they could tr

  silverous 08:36 24 Oct 2007

....track courier deliveries and she said not! Hence my frustration.

Anyway, it arrived yesterday evening.... it doesn't work properly but that's another issue!

  lisa02 10:00 24 Oct 2007

I'm still waiting on 2 cards, one dispatched on the 18th (the replacement) and another which was ordered&dispatched on the 2oth.

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