Plasma or LCD which is best or at least ...

  User-F2431D4F-62D0-4437-928506E1A8EE85F7 21:05 04 Oct 2006

Future proof!
As i read they say to make sure the newer tv's being
made should have HDMI input.
Which Tv is the best or best made outhere?

  anskyber 21:15 04 Oct 2006

Each have their supporters, the general view now is that with LCD having the possibility of bigger screens they are the current champs. It could change. click here

  anskyber 21:17 04 Oct 2006
  Stuartli 22:34 04 Oct 2006

A Panasonic - superb products - top the latest tests in the latest edition of a well known consumer magazine...:-)

Samsung are also excellent.

  961 09:19 05 Oct 2006

Having faffed around for 6 months reading reviews and av forums it seems to me that the jury is still out, but is tending to swing towards LCD sets

Two reasons really

The first is screenburn on plasma. It must be devastating to spend a couple of thousand smackeroos on a large screen plasma to find that in what seems like no time at all, the Sky News or News 24 or some other digital channel logo has etched itself into your screen and is there for all time. Everybody acknowledges the problem. The manufacturers say it is a fact of the technology and not a fault. The broadcasters say it's not their fault. I am itching to buy a top notch plasma (Panasonic) but it's got to last me and, for now, this disadvantage is too great

The second is the difficulty of plasma panel makers to manufacture a "full HD" screen of 1080p lines. At the moment virtually all sets have 768 lines and this means scaling the pictures to display Sky 1080 line transmissions or the coming HD disks which can degrade the original transmission

So for the moment LCD seems, to me, to be the safest option

As for makes, well the usual suspects come out best. Flat panels are made by relatively few manufacturers and it seems to be the individual maker's software that determines which set looks best. Panasonic/Sony/Pioneer. All score well

If your budget is limited, LG sets can look good in store

Whatever make you buy, you WILL need two HDMI inputs. Some sets only have one

Remember when you are looking at sets in store to get the assistant to disply an ordinary analogue picture on the set you are interested in. Some sets produce awful "ordinary tv" pictures and, for the moment, that's what you may well be watching for most of the time

  Stuartli 10:15 05 Oct 2006

>>Some sets produce awful "ordinary tv" pictures>>

That's because the just under 600 lines actually visible on a normal analogue transmission against the 768 of an LCD or plasma have to be artifically filled in - one of the best at hiding this fact is the Philips Pixel Plus technology.

  martd77 10:19 05 Oct 2006

Having had experience of both plasma and lcd you definitely get what you pay for,plasma wise panasonic and pioneer are the best,untouchable for picture quality,the panasonic is particularly good with regard to the screen burn issue,ive seen no reports of this anywhere.
Lcd,not keen on what ive seen,samsung 40" model is over bright,looks ace in the front room but the pictures not too hot.
Remember its the source material that can let the picture quality down,if you have a poor sky signal or aerial signal dont expect the best picture,however if connected correctly via component,dvds look superb.
I have a 42" panny plasma and the quality is a1.
Another thing to consider is plasma screens are like crts in that you can see reflections etc where as lcds have a very low relective surface.
As a magazine editor said when asked which tv to buy panasonic or samsung?he replied"if you want a nice piece of furniture buy the samsung,if you want a decent tv buy a panasonic"
Here is a good place to look:
click here?

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