Pixmania want my bank details

  jimmylove 16:45 23 May 2006

In order to refund a cancelled order they have emailed me (looks genuine) and asked for all of my bank account details (including swift/iban info). Is this normal? Why can't they just credit back the card I used (Mastercard)?
I emailed them asking to refund the card and yet they insist on emailing my bank details. Should I do it?

  amonra 16:48 23 May 2006

Never ever give your details over the web.
It's probably someone phishing.

  jimmylove 16:50 23 May 2006

I thought the same but I am genuinely waiting for a refund and the emails I have sent to them are via their genuine website and they still responded that they need my bank account details...

  anchor 17:02 23 May 2006

Ummm: I cannot see any reason whatsoever they would need bank details; the Mastercard number, (which they must already have from your purchase details), would be sufficient. I have never known a refund being given to other than to the source it originated from.

This phone number is on their web site if you wish to speak to them. National rate charges.

08700 118 117 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

  Jackcoms 19:10 23 May 2006

"Why can't they just credit back the card I used (Mastercard)?"

Perfectly correct. There's absolutely no reason at all for them to have your bank details.

  jimmylove 19:20 23 May 2006

my thoughts exactly. have emailed a manager (?) and will await her response.

  Forum Editor 19:23 23 May 2006

"all of my bank account details".

If you send someone a cheque they will have your bank's name, the sort code, your name, and your bank account number. There's absolutely nothing dangerous about supplying that information to anyone - it certainly doesn't compromise your account in any way, and there's no way someone could obtain either details of your bank balance or access to your funds by having the information.

Having said that, there's no reason why it should be necessary if you paid by credit card - the amount can be paid back to the card account.

  bosmere 19:44 23 May 2006

jimmylove that way you will have the money in your bank account before the credit card payment becomes due ;-))

  Jackcoms 20:34 23 May 2006

"Having said that, there's no reason why it should be necessary if you paid by credit card - the amount can be paid back to the card account."

Which is exactly what has already been said.

If you pay by credit card, it's standard practice to pay a refund back to that card (the retailer already has your card details.

Thus, there's absolutely no reason at all for the retailer to need your bank details in addition to your card details.

  Forum Editor 23:17 23 May 2006

The point I was making is that - contrary to what some people seem to think - there's no danger inherent in providing someone with your bank account details. It's a harmless request, albeit an unnecessary one in this context.

  Totally-braindead 06:57 24 May 2006

I'm with the others here, I use a Credit Card to shop on the internet and whenever I've had to get a refund the money has always been returned to the card, they have never asked for bank details.

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