pixmania review (Not good)

  Uboat 13:58 14 Mar 2011

Hi guys!

I bought a new Nvidia GTX 460 (1 gig overclocked) from pixmania just 5 weeks ago, the card is malfunctioning, the screen freezes & the graphics in game are TERRIBLE! ive installed all the latest drivers & checked all the connections etc,

So ive emailed "Pixmania" three days ago & had no reply? i then emailed them again & yet again no reply.? so this morning (14/03/11) i emailed them then went out to shopping ive just come back & although its not the end of the day yet i STILL have recived NO REPLY.?
i bought the card via Ebay does anyone know where i stand please.?



  spuds 15:21 14 Mar 2011

I assume by Ebay, you mean Pixmania on-line Ebay store. If so then your consumer rights apply, because Pixmania is a business.

You would need to see how the item was advertised, because things like 'known faults or spares and repairs' can make a difference.

Now comes the fun part, Pixmania have had quite a bashing when they first started up in the UK, due to poor customer services. But this stabalised a little, because Pixmania had a returns arrangement with Currys (Both being owned by the same parent company). Not sure about that now though!.

Is there not a manufacturer's warranty, which you could try for advice and help?.

You could try Ebay or PayPal by registering a dispute, or contact your credit card company for further advice, should Pixmania fail to communicate with you.

You also have Consumer Direct click here to offer advice. Pixmania use to be registered in France, but EU/UK consumer law should cover you.

  caccy 16:23 14 Mar 2011

My son had a Gigabyte Nvidia 460 which never functioned at all under Windows 7 64 bit. We spent a couple of mounths trying to make it work. In the end we got Gigabyte to admit that the early version would not work with Win 7 64 bit. Dabs replaced it with a later issue ,again from Gigabyte.
This one worked for about 6 hours. Retured to Dabs who credited the cost back into his bank account.
He has brought a ATI equivalent and this has worked perfectly.
Try searching for 460 problems on the 'net' there could be some pointers to your problem there.

  961 16:28 14 Mar 2011

As suggested above, register a dispute with PayPal but don't delay, as there is a time limit

  Uboat 16:32 14 Mar 2011

spuds hiya! thankyou so much for this advice!

yes i did buy it from/via Ebay & it was BNIB condition (Brand new in box) all complete.

i still havent had a reply.?

Cheers again


  Uboat 19:36 14 Mar 2011

guys ive tried this in the resolution centre from Ebay & recived this pathetic reply for Ebay:

To return this item you review the seller's return policy and then contact the seller.
Unfortunately you can't use the Return Process this time, as it's only available when you buy an item from a UK or German seller.

i bought it from pixmania france.???

any ideas pls?

  morddwyd 19:59 14 Mar 2011

Assuming Pixmania France is a legit business, then the EU consumer laws apply.

However, it being France, Pixmania will probably refuse to even acknowledge anything unless it is written in perfect French.

You have fallen foul of the perils of buying foreign, and buying E-bay.

Try Consumer Direct - they may be able to advise on a cross border dispute.

  Forum Editor 23:17 14 Mar 2011

If you bought something from the French end of the business try contacting them directly:-

North European Supervisor
43-47, avenue de la Grande Armée - 75016 Paris FRANCE

FAX + 33 145 013 678 / + 33 145 013 907
TEL (UK) 08700 118 117 FIN 0201 44 36 36

The North European Supervisor used to be a very helpful person called Alice Walker ([email protected] ), but I don't know if she's still there.

  Uboat 00:13 15 Mar 2011

morddwyd/FE big THANKYOU!!!

i will now have direction where to go with this!!

cheers gents!


  morddwyd 08:12 15 Mar 2011

"Pixmania is controlled by the Dixons Store Group."

Thank you for that, I had no idea.

Forewarned is forearmed!

  spuds 09:22 15 Mar 2011

Note my earlier reply: Pixmania had a returns arrangement with Currys (Both being owned by the same parent company).

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