Pixmania - Refund problems!

  fatboy_sim 12:11 13 Apr 2007

I recently purchased a new Pc case and pixmania was the only retailer i could find that stocked the model & colour of case i was looking for. Specifically i was after a case with USB & Firewire connections on the front. The case arrived quickly but the box on the outside had the words 'lite' on it and the images had now Firewire connection, this was contrary to what was shown and listed on the website and is still the case. I contacted pixmania and was told that i would have to return it at my expense, i argued the case that it was there error and they agreed to pick it up. I was asked to box it for return, as its a large computer case box and only came wrapped in shrink wrap i returned it the same way. The refund request was submitted on 15/03/07 and case was collected on 19/03/07. I waited patiently but eventually got fed up so contacted pixmania. I was told it could take up to 15 working days for the item to show on the system. On the 2nd of April i receive an email saying the item has been received and is awaiting inspection, i will be contacted in a couple of days. I log in to my pixmania account and still it states that they are awaiting receipt of the case. I have contacted pixmania on numerous occassions but have never had a satisfactory response. The latest email from them has now said that it can take 4 weeks, whether this is from the date of the refund request, the date of collection or the date they received the case back (02/04/07) they have failed to answer each time i ask them. What are my rights as a consumer? I also purchased this using my credit card so have been in touch with them and im awaiting a response. I could not see anything on the pixmania website states how long the returns procedure can take otherwise i'd have never bought the case. They do talk about the great customer service which doesnt seem to exist! Never again will i deal with them once i get my refund. I understand mistakes happen and if things had been resolved quicker i may have considered using them in the future but not now. Apologies for the rant but its very frustrating!

  Quiet Life 12:58 13 Apr 2007

Pixmania (fotovista) are owned by DSG (Dixons)
and have suffered a £10,000,000 stock loss through fraud at their central warehouse in France. They are clearly not too efficient but you will get refunded in the end as the loss is not large relative to the size of DSG.
Their response to e-mails is very poor but their prices can be good.

  frostyuk 13:55 16 Apr 2007

pixmania have never had a great rep for custormer service or refunding items, the best thng is did you pay with it by credit card if so then i would suggest contcting then and taking it up with them they will be able to sort things out alot better

  nicnikt 09:56 28 Jul 2011

On the 23st of Jun 2011 i ordered a nikon D700 from their pixmania.co.uk website (i purposely mention that it is a .co.uk website), the item was showing as being in stock and delivery would be 3 days. Great, a good price plus reasonably fast delivery. In with the deal, i had the opportunity to purchase a external hdd before from pixmania abaut year ago with no problems at all.But not this time.3 days later when the goods had not arrived, i logged into my Pixmania account and checked the delivery status. The Nikon D700 was showing as In Stock, and waiting for delivery. I phoned their customer service helpline (an 0870 number) and asked what was happening, the person who i spoke to said that the item going to be deliveret thrue FIZI.com company and i should contact them first. They provided the phone number that i should call. I wass so suprossed when this number dosnt exist. I was also supprised that some third part company should delivered the equipment worth £1800. Great, i cancelled the order there and then, or so i thought.I has found right number to Fizi.com and they told me that they have no idea about my order and pixmania.com at all. I call pixmania again explain the situation. I was told that a refund would be issued thrue had office in France but they have to contact the seller FIZI.com first." Someone will contact me shortly". When i paid for these items i used direct debit it was very quick transaction , so a refund had not. The refunt make happend exactly 30 days after my order. I have to call the pixmania twice a day, send about 35 e mails to customer service.( it based in Cheh republic.) No one like to transfer my calls to any supervisor. They always been busy and during the meetings. Try to imagine my frustration. All problem was because pixmania did not past my order details to Fizi.com. Bee carfule with pixmania.co.uk !!!!

  spuds 11:12 28 Jul 2011


What's the point in opening a 4 year old thread, when you could have perhaps opened a new one covering your present day problems?.

If you look in the PCA archives, you will see that Pixmania have been mentioned a number of times before, and how problems have been dealt with previously.

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