Pixmania - misleading prices!

  sdsonly 07:46 26 Jun 2009

When trying to find the cheapest place to buy a Western Digital My Passport Essential portable hard drive, I came across Pixmania.co.uk who listed a 400gb version for only £46.20 plus £5 pp. But when I clicked on the item to see the details, the price you actually had to pay was £162.48 - nearly four times as much!!!

search list =
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item details =
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I wanted to complain about this but after going round in circles for some time, I found that you could not contact Pixmania by email but had to fill in a form. So I filled in a form, asking them why they listed it as £46.20 when the actual price was £162.48 and received a no-reply email back simply saying that as prices change daily, they didn't generally "quote" them.

But of course I could not respond to this email and tell them that showing the price as £46.20 on the search list did amount to quoting the price and that it was misleading to say the least to find that the price was actually £162.48 and not £46.20 as shown on the list - because it was sent from a no-reply address!!! How very convenient!

I eventually ordered a 400gb one for £57 with free delivery from Novatech instead. Amazon had the 320gb one for £57 with free delivery, which would probably have been my next choice.

  ronalddonald 11:01 26 Jun 2009

to show that the pixies at pixmania becoming to pixie their entire ways. Good think youve pointed it out, they probably hoping some mug would try to buy online without the correct price and the pixies are hoping to profit from it big time.

Good on you to buy from Novatech instead of pixieland in pixmania

  Stuartli 11:22 26 Jun 2009

I had my fill once in the early part of the decade dealing with French on-line outlets apparently based in the UK (Nomatica).

A bad move on my part and, it seems over the years, for many others although, in fact, the goods were ordered on behalf of one of the offspring.

Fortunately Visa proved spot on (as always on the rare occasions it has been advised of our difficult times with retailers) and a refund was swiftly forthcoming.

  jakimo 13:25 26 Jun 2009

Made a similar enquiry at Pixmania (yesterday) for a printer listed at £194,but in details it is £453. didn't bother with form,just crossed them off my shopping list

  Quiet Life 17:43 26 Jun 2009

It is most odd the one for £162 is being sold by Altecweb on the Pixmania site. Anybody know the connection?
Clearly £46 is the correct price and the link to the Altecweb at £162 is flawed.
Other links from the first page are in the main correct but there is one to a seller other than Altec where the price is more than double.
It is odd that Pixmania are having other companies selling on their site.

  sdsonly 18:46 26 Jun 2009

Ha! Just clicked on the search list link and they now seem to have removed that entry completely! Also clicked on the item details link - and that's gone now too!

However, they are still listing the Western Digital My Passport Essential 400gb for £58.50
click here

And when you click to see the details the price for that one soars to £170.89!!!!
click here

  Quiet Life 19:02 26 Jun 2009

sdsonly Once again altecweb are shown as the sellers.
At one time Pixmania with the DSG ownership seemed a safe bet. Now with PC World loosing money and the computer side with acute problems it would pay to be wary or rely on Visa

  AL47 19:58 26 Jun 2009

pixmania are often the cheapest but so many issues i just ignore it,
its the classic, too good to be true issue

  Jameslayer 20:49 26 Jun 2009

How does the saying go ^Buyer beware^ have nevr used the site before. So will give it a go.

  Stuartli 23:38 26 Jun 2009

>>So will give it a go.>>

Be it on your own head.

But, in your own words, "how does the saying go?" (Caveat Emptor).

>>It is odd that Pixmania are having other companies selling on their site.

No different to Amazon...:-)

  sdsonly 05:50 27 Jun 2009

quietlife, thank you but I KNOW the sellers are once again Altecweb! In fact, I have sent a message to Altecweb informing them about Pixmania's misleading pricing. Not that I expect them to care LOL.

I did not post this because I needed help with it but simply to make others aware of the problem. So I will mark it as resolved to make that clear.

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