Pixmania goes bonkers

  Kate B 16:38 11 Feb 2005

Is this excessive and rather intrusive? I ordered a camera for my Mum last weekend and chased up delivery today - and got the following email.

I know there are problems with fraud but this just looks like overkill - and somewhat intrustive overkill, too. More annoyingly, there was nothing obvious about this on the site when I placed the order - I've only found out because I've chased it up.

Here's what I received:

· If you are opting for delivery to the same address as your invoice address, please send us something that has your name and address on it from the following:

1 A copy of your driving licence, OR

2 A copy of your social security card, OR

3 A copy of your bank statement, OR

4 &nbs p; A copy of your council tax bill, OR

5 A copy of a recent utility bill.

· If you are opting for delivery to a work address, please send us:

1 A copy of your passport, driving licence or recent utility bill, AND

o Company letterhead or business card, with switchboard number that we can call to verify that you work there.

· If you are opting for delivery to a private address that differs to your billing address, please send us:

o A copy of your passport, driving license or recent utility bill, AND

o A copy of a driving licence, recent utility bill, or something else that has the name and address of the person who will accept delivery.

  TOPCAT® 18:11 11 Feb 2005

Can only think they must have been caught out a few times in the past and are now ultra cautious on sales. TC.

  Maturin 18:17 11 Feb 2005

I would be very, very worried about the integrity of the supplier with this. The few online order I have placed have never involved this level of detail.

  fuzzyone 18:22 11 Feb 2005

Kate B,

as Maturin above, I would be worried if any supplier asked me for any of the details above.

Surely the information given when ordering, i.e. credit/debit card no' is enough.

  Kate B 19:06 11 Feb 2005

yeah, I think it's a bit much. I've cancelled and reordered from dear old Amazon ...

  puma22 19:08 11 Feb 2005

I odered a camcorder for the kids for Xmas off pixmania. When i recieved it I found that it was a 'grey inport'. It had instructions in every European language other than English and the plug was a European one. It also cost me over £10 to return it!!!
I would go to a British based firm much less hassle

  cycoze 20:20 11 Feb 2005

Never had a problem with Pixmania, on larger purchases they have phoned as way of security check.

For things i have bought there is a warning regarding manuals may not be in english, at the same time it tells you to visit the manafacturers website to download them, for me at least the manuals have been in English anyway.

  Stuartli 14:03 12 Feb 2005

I've had it just once in nine years of ordering goods online, with this company:

click here

In the end, because I was ordering on behalf of someone else I eventually supplied the (non-private) information required, but not after some extremely harsh exchange of words on the phone from both sides...:-)

I certainly have no intention of letting some stranger see my private matters such as bank statements.....:-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:31 12 Feb 2005

All this seems to be another good reason to stick to buying from UK based online retailers.

  Forum Editor 17:47 12 Feb 2005

who make this kind of request. That's been the case with you Kate, and would certainly be the same with me.

You either want to be an online trader or you don't. If you're offshore then you must accept the risk or find another way to verify information - such as phoning the customer.

  Kate B 19:49 12 Feb 2005

FE, too right - I made it clear when I cancelled the order on the phone why I was doing so. The young woman was a bit surly with me until I said "look, I know this isn't your fault but I want you to pass it on".

what particularly annoyed me, quite apart from the peremptory tone of the email and the general intrusiveness of the request, was the fact that it wasn't made clear on the site that this was required and it wasn't made clear until I chased up the order!

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