Pixmania - did they steal my laptop?

  bestyork 13:24 09 Aug 2010

I had a faulty sat nav to return to Pixmania. Their courier picked up a brand new laptop from my office reception in error. I chased their courier company who confirmed signed delivery to Pixmania's French warehouse. Pixmania deny receiving it and won't talk to me any more. It's cost me more time chasing this through their useless customer support centre than the cost justifies so I've given up, but I still feel that I've been robbed.

  wiz-king 13:43 09 Aug 2010

From what you say you have given it to them!
The courier company picked up a parcel (I presumed you had it all done up ready for them so they could not tell what was in the parcel) and transported it to Pixmania so they have done their bit.

  iscanut 14:45 09 Aug 2010

"more than the cost justifies" !!!! A brand new laptop...and you have given up ! If so, little point on seeking advice here

  spuds 16:08 09 Aug 2010

There are certain procedures in which you could attempt, so as to retrieve said lost laptop. But if its not all that important to you,as your comments would appear, I'll leave it to the forum editor to advice you.

  bestyork 16:47 09 Aug 2010

The package had a returns label on it to another supplier, for the laptop to have got back to Pixmania the courier must have put his label over the original. I have spent probably 20 hours in calls and letters to Pixmania and also to one or two consumer support groups. Pixmania will not budge despite the courier confirming the package was signed for with date and time at Pixmania's warehouse. The post was more to illustrate Pixmania's attitute towards it's customers than to expect resolution.

  Forum Editor 18:18 09 Aug 2010

which means a signed, dated, timestamped document, with the name of the receiver on it you should pursue the matter with Pixmania - in writing, not by phone.

I assume that the error was made by someone in your office reception - the courier driver didn't just pick up a package and walk out with it. That complicates the issue somewhat. The courier company is in the clear - it did what it was asked to do, it collected a package and delivered it.

Pixmania may well deny receiving it, but if you have a signature from a named employee you have proof that they did receive it, and they must return your property or reimburse you for the cost.

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