PIPEX Xtreme Solo2Go - a new deal

  TOPCAT® 16:11 14 Jan 2003
  TOPCAT® 16:11 14 Jan 2003


If you have a computer and want to enjoy the all benefits of ADSL the new PIPEX Xtreme Solo2Go pack gets you started - at an irresistibly low price. Pay just £19.95+VAT (£23.44) to activate your BT telephone line for ADSL and we'll send you everything you need to connect your computer to ADSL completely FREE. You get an Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 USB modem FREE, and two microfilters to connect your modem and telephone(s) also FREE. There's not even postage & packing to pay - we take care of that too. You save OVER £100 on the deal compared to normal retail price. Add the £30+VAT (£35.25) discount you're getting on the usual ADSL activation fee to the amount you're saving and you won't just be smiling - you'll be laughing all the way to the bank!


Alternatively, you'll be delighted if you already have a computer and ADSL modem (or plan to buy one with the savings you make by signing up to this deal!).

Our standard PIPEX Xtreme Solo product now has completely FREE activation (normally £50+VAT, £58.75 inc VAT) and a month's subscription (£19.95+VAT, £23.44 inc VAT) FREE - a total saving of £69.95+VAT (£82.19). If you are already connected to ADSL with another ISP you can migrate to the PIPEX Xtreme Solo service with minimum interruption to your connection and still take advantage of this great offer.

  TOPCAT® 16:14 14 Jan 2003

Here it is. TC. click here

  Thin White Duke 00:05 15 Jan 2003

One happy Pipex user here (for the past 12 months).

NO complaint, Cracking support dept. 5 *****'s for them. Cheap, reliable and well worth a punt.

And no i don't work for Pipex!

  Pumas 00:23 15 Jan 2003

Any other views on this service?

  ajm 00:28 15 Jan 2003

Have been with Pipex for over 6 months. Bar one little problem ( due to a fault with the BT exchange) i have had NO problems with Pipex. Their telephone support is fantastic and emails are replied to within 24 hours.

I have recommneded Pipex to over 15 friends/family/clients and all of them are extremely happy about it.

  Pumas 21:20 15 Jan 2003

I'm seriously considering Pipex now.

  Stuartli 08:55 16 Jan 2003

I've been with Pipex since 1996 - superb business and home ISP with first class support.

I'm also with Tiscali - quite a contrast - but survive.

My son, who was with WorldOnline/Tiscali, Freeserve and now Pipex (broadband) has an equally splendid service from Dial Pipex.

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