Pipex upgrade

  Taw® 19:25 13 Apr 2005

Have been with Pipex for years now and was eagerly awaiting my free upgrade to 1MB (currently 512). Received an email from Pipex yesterday

"Unfortunately BT have said your line is not suitable to upgrade to 1MB blah blah, etc this may be that you are too far from the exchange or your line may not be suitable"

Contacted BT asking (phone) what they thought was wrong and they ran a check on my line, response was

" Your line is suitable to take up to 2MB".

Contacted Pipex by phone, "Please send an email"

sent an email, reply was " We are so busy you may get a respponse in 7 days"

Anyhow anyone else had similar problems they can share, be assured I will return with answer from Pipex.

  Stuartli 09:30 14 Apr 2005

Pipex is a high class ISP with customer service to match.

I suspect that its staff has been overwhelmed with customer enquiries regarding updating of their current BB speeds and that it is ploughing through them as quickly as possible. Each customer contact will have to be dealt with on an individual basis.

  Taw® 20:56 14 Apr 2005

Stuartli I can endorse that whole heartedly.

I have just received a response from them stating BT say my line will not take 1MB, but having run an on line check it tells me it will take up to 2MB. BT tell me on the phone it will take 2MB.

I have just emailed Pipex with a copy of the online test and will see what happens. Looks to me that the only way I will find out who is right is by ordering from BT. Will keep posted on updates

  anchor 09:47 15 Apr 2005

Sounds to me like a lack of proper communication between Pipex and BT. As I understand it, Pipex get their information as regards line capability from BT.

Perhaps I might be being over cynical if I had the idea that BT are trying to get Pipex customers to transfer to them. Perish the thought!.

Hopefully, all will be resolved soon.

  Stuartli 10:42 15 Apr 2005

I very much doubt it. Pipex has been around since 1991 and I'm sure its relations with BT are amongst the best in the industry.

Pipex has specialised in serving business and commerce since coming into existance and domestic customer involement was a minor section until recent years.

I've been with Pipex since 1996 and have never been anything other than highly impressed with its service and after care on the very odd occasion I've had to contact the company.

  Taw® 15:09 16 Apr 2005

Just to keep this alive I am not attacking Pipex as I have been with them for years, just confused as to how BT is telling them I am not fit for an upgrade, where as BT tell me I am. It looks as if the only option I have is to go through the process of signing up with BT for the higher speed.

  Cybermaxx 16:13 16 Apr 2005

Have any Pipex customers actually had their free upgrade yet, or do you think we're all just going to have to wait till August?

  Taw® 19:58 16 Apr 2005

Cybermaxx in their email to me they said they were just about to do it but that BT had informed them my line was not suitable

  subaruSwift 20:29 16 Apr 2005

i have piad the £15 upgrade fee from 1mb to 2mb it only took under 2 weeks in all so well done pipex.

  Stuartli 09:46 17 Apr 2005

The £15 charge will almost certainly go to BT from Pipex for the manual upgrading of your line.

  Stuartli 10:46 17 Apr 2005

Just in case anyone feels hard done by re UK broadband charges, I've just been looking up Tiscali's prices in South Africa.

Monthly charge for 512kbps with a 3GB limit and line rental fee to Telkom is 999 Rands, just over £84..:-)


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