Pipex Throttling

  skye1205 17:15 15 Mar 2006

Just would like to inform anyone who is thinking of joining Pipex as an isp , seriously reconsider, they have started p2p throttling on any connection to 20/25kbs,Its all part of their "traffic managment" and whether your an heavy user or not is not taken into consideration.

As game patches and updates are via p2p you can imagine how long it takes now to get any update you require especially the WoW patches and many others.

This throttling was not told to customers and there is no peak or off peak time its full 24/7, if you enquire with pipex as to why they decided to implement it, they tell you its in T&c's and has been there since last July where in fact that refers to traffic managment if you are deemed an heavy user and the managment will not affect 99% of users, this is not the case its affecting majority of users on teh Xtreme4 realm and according to pipex will be taken across the Xtremes, any package change now and it does not matter how long you have been with them , ties you into a new 12 months contract .

visit click here and view pipex forums to see how many customers are angry etc with this underhand way with Pipex, its interesting reading.

so again i stress anyone changing isp soon have a good long think about choosing pipex unless you dont mind low p2p speeds and dont mind having a connection that fluctuates in speed majority of the time. Im on a 2mb connection and last night a speed test result was at 512kbs, if you enquire about this all you get is its BT , which this time its definately not as if you test bypassing the pipex servers speeds are what they should be on a 2mb connection!!!

Anyone else on Pipex seeing these underhanded tactics ??????

  gooberfish 18:34 15 Mar 2006

you didnt expect to pay pipex money for a connection AND actually expect to use it did you.

didnt you know that pipex are a charity :)

  acfc 19:51 15 Mar 2006

Yep I left Pipex this month due to poor customer service and their new T's & C's.

I hand joined Zen and at the end of this month will have an 8mb connection (subject to BT finishing the work in the exchange)for almost the same as Pipex gave me 1Mb connection AND they seem to care about their customers.

I was given a 2 MB connection within 3 days of ordering Outstanding speed and rock steady

Good ridance to pipex

  donki 20:22 15 Mar 2006

I have to differ?? Been with Pipex for 2 years, I am on 2meg and have no throttle limit, downloads can be anything up 2 140kb/s (as I write this). As for customer service I have had free upgrades from 512 - 1 and then from 1 - 2. No complaints sorry to disagree.

  skye1205 20:34 15 Mar 2006

yeah i was saying the same thing myself 3 weeks ago, been with them 3 years myself never had any problems and then 3 weeks ago it all began and its gone downhill more and more since then, what Xtreme you on
donki?cos atm its Xtreme4 thats taking the slamming and according to pipex now that they have the technology it will across every pipex realm! So keep an eye on your connection.

  donki 22:47 15 Mar 2006


Im on Pipex GO 2mb, ive had no emails or signs that il have a throttle put in place. I cant see it being a success as usual the "in the know" people dont seem to realise how much stuff is being downloaded. If such a throttle is put in il simply leave, it would b a nitemare and i really would feel the same as you guys. Il keep you informed.

  rupie 23:10 15 Mar 2006

P2P and other non browsing activities on the net are a massive drain on bandwidth and most people do not realise this. All Isp's have to keep an eye on bandwidth and if afew people are using it all at the expence of the majority then something should be done. My ISP has a cap on its broadband products and I was concerned. I am always on the net but have never been near my limit.

  rupie 23:17 15 Mar 2006

Before I could have BB through a land line I was connected to wireless link, within my village. I asked for help in this forum because the download speed was so slow and got told again and again and again and again that most of the time your connection speed will never be near what your ISP quoted.

  skye1205 06:21 16 Mar 2006

yeah same here Donki I am on the pipex 2mb go account I moved from solo2000 4 weeks ago, this is the point Im trying to make nobody has received any emails about this it was just implied,and to leave aint that simple either as the pipex go is a new contract (more fool me) I will have to pay the remaining 11 months left on my contract,this has been confirmed by pipex,cheers for keeping me informed though as I want to know when it has spread throughout other realms etc.

Yeah Rupie they are a massive drain on bandwidth,I wont deny that but when a company ask you can you get any downloads in their T&C's after midnight " off peak time" and you abide by this, it seems rather underhanded when they change it all without any form of notification not just myself but at present majority of users on the xtreme4 realm.

If you ask them are you capped they still say nope that account is unlimited, and in that they mean the data u get. I mean if they want to use throttling for p2p why they cant set it so its at peak time, like they led us to believe.

Wo online game patches now without the mirrors are a nightmare to get seeing as its usually down via p2p.God help us when this new streaming tv starts. cos thats certainly going to use bandwidth!

  pavvi 07:40 16 Mar 2006

it is still unlimited use. Most isp's will deprioritise the service of those that use p2p, particularly as it is sometimes used for illegal copying, and also because it drains the service for other people who don't use the resources in a way that is draining other's, this is whythe service slows down.

  skye1205 08:28 16 Mar 2006

Is it unlimited though??? depends on "our" defination of the word because pipex dont have the same definition as its customers, If you download to much your traffic managed which is not like the p2p throttling because they reduce your entire connection so browsing everything is then seriously slowed down.

Yes p2p is used for illegal downloads, but its also used for legal downloads, so why if you are paying for a 2mb connection shouldnt you be allowed to get the download at the speed at which your paying especially if you are doing as they ask and getting them off peak. ( So to use the term "unlimited" i would say this is false advertising because if you use the service as unlimited you get penalties on your connection) worth thinking about !

And again yes for seriously heavy downloaders that max out a connection 24/7 yeah it does affect "normal" users, but they are after all paying for an unlimited connection according to pipex. But the point is a lot of these downloaders have abided by the new rule and set these downloads for off peak and yet again things have changed without any notification to anyone, as in 20kbs on p2p downloads and sorry but if you are on a 2mb connection that is kinda harsh, its even being implemented across to maxdsl so you have a 8mb connection and you can achieve super fast speeds of 20kbs yeah right !! fantastic deal eh?

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