Pipex Promised Upgrade

  richardcockbain 22:53 30 Jul 2006

Still awaiting a free upgrade to 8mb.

In June I was called Pipex offering to add telephone calls to my internet deal. I agreed to take a look at their website and decided not to switch from BT as I am a light phone user. Pipex then phoned me again at the start of July asking if I was interested, which I wasn't. They then offered a "free" upgrade to 8mb (well, 5.5mb on my line) which was very nice so I said "yes".

The upgrade was supposed to kick-in two weeks ago but has not materialised. Annoying as it is I am reluctant to kick up much of a fuss as this is a freebie.

Is it worth a polite call to Customer Services?

  Stuartli 23:11 30 Jul 2006

Not really a freebie - just part of service.

  siouxah1 23:15 30 Jul 2006

I would say yes. Do call them.

I was called by Pipex about the same time offering what I thought was an upgrade to 8Mb as well as taking their phone package.
When the phone line was changed but not the upgrade I contacted them about this and their reply was:-

this is copy and paste from their email reply

Start ---If you are an existing Pipex customer and want to upgrade to an up to 8Mb service, please be re-assured that we are working on this and we are definitely planning to provide upgrade options to our customers. The challenge is that we have to use a facility called the BT Wholesale Bulk Migration Tool to do this, which has very recently been launched as a trial.

The whole industry is restricted by BT Wholesale to re-grading its existing customers on a pro rate basis in line with market share via this tool, and volumes are very low at the moment. This means that the re-grade process will inevitably have to be undertaken over a period of months.

Pipex intends to commence the regrade process towards the middle of July but only when it is satisfied that the BT Wholesale Bulk Migration Tool is working properly. Last year when Pipex upgraded its customers to 2Mb, BT Wholesale rescheduled the upgrade programme several times thus disappointing many customers that were advised that the regrade would happen sooner than it actually did. Pipex does not wish to misalign its customers expectations for the 8Mb upgrade by committing to dates that cannot be guaranteed by BT Wholesale.

Your patience is appreciated.----- end

You will also notice that they have disabled the upgrade option on their site. I did query this and their reply was that they were doing maintanance!!!

I realise now that I heard what I wanted to hear, or perhaps I did not. I will not go as far as to say I was misled, I could not prove it. However the upshot is that I will be changing back to BT as soon as things are settled. I have learnt my lesson and only under exceptional circumstances would I buy into their phone service again.


  Tim1964 23:22 30 Jul 2006

I suspect that ISPS are unable to deliver the upgrades as promised.

As you say, as it's 'free' the user feels they have no right to complain. I'm trying to get my 'upgrade' from Madasafish sorted since my speeds have gone down from 2Mbps to less than 1Mbps.

There must be some form of false advertising/misrepresentation going on with these upgrades (sorry Regrades) as I'm sure if a box of cereal said "100% extra free" but only had 50% free (or in my case 50% LESS) even though the extra was free, surely the company is in the wrong?

  siouxah1 23:23 30 Jul 2006

As a matter of interest. I am not too worried now about the upgrade as far as speed is concerned, only the cost for my present 1Mb connection, which compared to their present offering is a premium price.

I am rather sceptical over the meaning of "Up to 8 Mb" anyway, this in my mind could mean anything and most probably does.

Perhaps this is a little cynical, but then!


  richardcockbain 23:51 30 Jul 2006

Thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear you didn't get your upgrade despite switching over.

Seems likely that "middle of July" will be the official line for their call centre staff.

If the delay is outside of the control of Pipex (which now seems likely) then the blame probably rests with BT. How ironic.

  garrema 13:39 31 Jul 2006

They are doing upgrades manually at the moment. I don't know how they qualify a customer for an upgrade but the cust. services guys see every conversation with a customer and I suspect that you my have to ring a few times to bump yourself up their list until the bulk migration tool is working.

  Stuartli 14:35 31 Jul 2006

But it's August 1st tomorrow...:-)

  nhojnhoj35 21:04 06 Aug 2006

you might find that this `free` upgrade will be on a minimum 12 month contract. thats what i discovered when considering it.

  phil46 20:29 07 Aug 2006

Who gets this 8MB?? for one my exchange has a max of 4.5mb and the speed can drop in my view a waste of bloody time a gimmick to get you to pay more for nothing.
If you want to see high speeds go to Japan.

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