Pipex - is it me..!

  awest3 16:11 17 Mar 2008

I've had Pipex as my ISP for many years, starting off with solo then moving to the midi option last year...never had any problems with the solo service. Since I switched I've been beset by issues. The main issue being that the download speed was getting slower and slower, I supposed to have upto 8 meg but at best I ever got 1.4, even this then went down to 998. Trying to get it resolved was a nightmare..on hold on their support line for what semed like hours...1 week response time to e-mails and then they tell me that my line can only receive upto 1 meg (this must be a standard response by the techies)..Sales of course give you a different story. Anyway I'd had enough and rang to get my MAC code so I can transfer to another ISP...23 mins on an 0871 number this morning (given the number by their customer services, who it appears can't patch me through to the cancellation dept as they are not allowed and I have to dial the 0871 number..!
So at 10ish I dial again and suprise suprise an almost instant answer (rather than the 400 or 'your call is important to us' auto replies I had earlier).

The lady I spoke to was very good, asked for my reasons etc...and I explained as above...she then put in a request for my MAC code. She then went through what would happen including...'if your new provider does not effect the switch over by the 17th April then you will remian as a customer and we will continue to charge you', I said no thanks I want it cancelled anyway..she said I can only have a MAC code or a cancellation not both...Err why not?..because its not possible..err..why not? nobody does it...I gave up at this point and asked for the MAC code...

I then received an answer from the e-mail I'd sent stating that I could use a lo-cost number to cancel...too late for me but others might like to know about it....ala

The MAC number is a Lo -Call rate number. Please use 0845 0722865

I just hope me new provider is a bit better on customer service..not that I'm holding my breath


  Widow's Son 17:34 17 Mar 2008

gives a load of geographical numbers for anyone who wants them click here

  The Kestrel 17:44 17 Mar 2008

I'm another longstanding customer of Pipex, on the old 2Mb option. For over a month I have been getting frequent and regular dropped connections. When I contacted Pipex they immediately said that it would be a problem with the line to my home and therefore BT's fault. BT have checked the telephony side of the line and say it is working perfectly.

I am now waiting for Pipex to further investigate the broadband side of the line on the recommendation of the helpful people at BT. If they do not sort out the problem soon, then I too will be requesting my MAC code using your helpful low-call rate number.

  aztec2k 19:15 17 Mar 2008

im with pipex myself and having the same problems. I too am going to switch to a company called (bethere. I heard good reviews about them so hopefully they will be better. Pipex seem too have gone downhill don't know why but even there service is bad.

  john bunyan 19:15 17 Mar 2008

I'm yet another with more than 10 years with them. My speeds on "up to 8 Mbps" vary from 6800 t0 2300 and they ry to blame equipment but cannot explain why I got good speeds before Christmas. At least I am on only month's notice so if I switch - probably to Zen - ther should be little hassle on that point. I believe you can get through on 01707299507.( Posted here by a helpful member earlier.)

  awest3 20:15 17 Mar 2008

Maybe somthing to do with the takeover by Tiscali....I've been checking on them and they seem to be worse on customer service and appear to be saying things in their adverts which are less than accurate..

It seems I'm not on my own in thinking Pipex has gone downhill...

I'll close this now..thanks for your comments..


  Coffee Adict 22:27 17 Mar 2008

Maybe this will answer your questions.

click here

  Taff™ 08:53 18 Mar 2008

click here Several other problems I`ve encountered. Their only saving grace at the moment is that my speeds are still very good.

  Taff™ 06:58 20 Mar 2008

Received an e-mail yesterday from Pipex subject: Advance Notice of Planned Maintenance - "We are writing to let you know that we will soon be performing maintenance on your phone line on." (No Date!!!)

Watching Carefully, this sounds like they are switching to Tiscali`s LLU at the exchange. I`m watching my speeds like a hawk.

  awest3 09:51 25 Mar 2008

As Pipex have still not supplied my MAC, asked for on the 17th March, I tried this number...it simply redirects you to dial the 071 numnber. I'll be glad to get away from these sharks.


  awest3 11:32 25 Mar 2008

It seems they had the wrong e-mail address even though the lady I spoke to on the 17th repeated it back to me, yeah right.! spent another £3 waiting for them to answer the phone on the 071 number... again this re-inforces my decision..we will see if the new provider works out...SKY.


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