Pipex grumble

  Kate B 22:09 11 Apr 2005

Well, as predicted, I've been throttled back from the more than 1MB I was getting immediately after the upgrade took place ... throttled so far back, in fact, that the best result I've had from a speed test is 799 kilobits per second. Is this reasonable for an alleged 1MB connection or should I shout at Pipex?

  Totally-braindead 22:41 11 Apr 2005

Why not try the ADSL speed test and see how you compare to other users on the same setup click here

  Forum Editor 22:53 11 Apr 2005

at them Kate - you should be getting a downstream speed of around 920kbps on a 1Mb connection. It's best to take an average reading over several tests and a couple of days before making a judgment. On a 2Mb connection my latest downstream reading is 1680kbps. Yesterday it was 1840kbps.

My own view is that these online speed test results can lead to dissatisfaction when none previously existed - I wouldn't have been aware of any detectable difference between my downstream speed yesterday and that of today. It's only the speed test that has enabled me to know about it.

  Kate B 23:34 11 Apr 2005

Thanks, FE, I'll keep an eye on it. You're right, of course - I might not have noticed were it not for the tests!

  anchor 09:02 12 Apr 2005

My Pipex 1Mb connection remains in a range of between 1032 and 1091 Kbps download, on the ADSL guide test.

As suggested, try on various days and at different times; if the low result continues, then I would certainly contact Pipex.

  apatia77 09:29 12 Apr 2005

try to download something from a very fast servers, not all downloads give you maximum speeds, ive got 2mb pipex and i get 230KB/sec the very maximum speed really rarely, hope this will help

  Stuartli 12:52 12 Apr 2005

Pipex has been around since 1991 (I've been with it since 1996) and it has always been renowned for its quality of service and backup both for home and business customers.

I'm also with Tiscali (originally WorldOnline) and at all times Pipex's dialup connection speed has outclassed that of WOL/Tiscali.

On the only two occasions I've ever had to contact Pipex the problem was sorted out immediately (one was the unexpected arrival of a spam e-mail, which had never previously proved a problem with Pipex, nor has it since).

  TOPCAT® 13:29 12 Apr 2005

Just in case you don't have the link I provide it here. Only members can use it as it requires username and password. TC.

click here

  TOPCAT® 13:31 12 Apr 2005

and get: 1126 kbps. TC

  Kate B 14:03 12 Apr 2005

thanks for that link, Topcat - 814kbps ... time for a squawk, I think.

  Stuartli 15:56 12 Apr 2005

Another speed check source:

click here

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