Pipex going Downhill?

  Taff™ 12:04 07 Mar 2008

Having been with Pipex since dial up days, back in the last century, and been more than satisfied with their service, I have to admit that things are changing.

Since Tiscali acquired them I believe they closed down the Pipex Customer Service and now provide 0871 numbers at 10p per minute for tech support. For the first time in ages I needed some and 7 different calls on the same problem realised a bill for over £20 last month.

Unresolved, I switched to e-mail and raised the same problem, the first response took two working days which suggested trying a different computer - something I`d told them I`d already tried. My reply was acknowledged automatically but remained unanswered for 4 weeks. A reminder was sent three days ago - still nothing.

I send out e-mail newsletters to a Society`s members as well as Clubs, Schools & Colleges - each distribution can be up to 300 and in previous times I was advised by Pipex to restrict sending to no more than 150 at a time - fair enough! This week the Tiscali servers are rejecting anything over 80 and I learn that I`m now on a spammers blacklist!

Time for a MAC code? Any other Pipex devotees noticed a downturn in service?

  john bunyan 15:18 07 Mar 2008

Like you, been with them over 12 years. I agree service going down - took me 25 mins to get an answer from tech guys. I wanted more e mail addresses and they wont give them by e mail. I did manage to keep the monthly contract when moving up fron the old Extreme Solo but nearly switched to Zen had they insisted on a one year contract. Download speed varies from 2800 to 6800 Mbps.If it worsens will switch.

  Chaz10 16:39 07 Mar 2008

Pipex number


Save a fortune on phone calls.

  Taff™ 16:55 07 Mar 2008

Correct! Unfortunately I was so stupid to hold on for a response - on average 20 minutes for each of the calls. I believed that being on Pipex Homecall would not be charged - WRONG!

I`ve been advised to write to Customer Complaints to reclaim the costs!

  john bunyan 17:31 07 Mar 2008

Chaz10. Thanks - I can now use "Free" Vonage to call them!

  spuds 18:10 07 Mar 2008

A neighbour had a problem with Tiscali (Pipex?) support, which resulted in many 0870 telephone calls. Checking their monthly bill, the calls came to nearly £30.00. Tiscali reimbursed them with a £30.00 credit to their account. Perhaps worth making a refund request!.

At present, I am having a problem with disconnections on both broadband and telephone. Tiscali were extremely helpful, but now becoming an annoyance.

  katkins 04:07 08 Mar 2008

Up until 12 months ago, I was with Bulldog (Cable & Wireless) who then sold the Bulldog brand to Pipex.

I had online disconnection problems with Bulldog too many times even after transfer to Pipex that I decided to change my ISP. I'm now with BTYahoo and am more than satisfied with the very reliable Ethernet connection.

  katkins 04:32 08 Mar 2008

Before Bulldog, I was with Tiscali on dial-up for about 15 months. I had the same problem of online cut-offs which grew very annoying. Trying to get back online was also a problem at times. I went from Tiscali to Onetel to Bulldog who were both slightly better, but still prone to online cut-offs too even though the latter package was a Broadband one.

I remember having to request Tiscali about three times to cancel my DD before they finally did so. Upon the second request, I believed they had and in the meantime switched to Ontel for a time, again on dial-up, only to discover Tiscali had NOT honoured my e-mail requests to cancel my DD so for a short time was paying two ISPs, but only using one of them - Onetel. Tiscali refused to refund me the period in question because I was still connected, apparently.

I eventually switched to Bulldog (Pipex) and then finally to BTYahoo whom I'm with at present.

  katkins 04:46 08 Mar 2008

I remember too that Tiscali also informed me I should have uninstalled their ISP connection after receiving their acknowledgement e-mails in response to my cancellation requests, yet they NEVER stated this in their response e-mails to begin with.

  GroupFC 10:01 08 Mar 2008

Short answer - Yes!!

  anchor 13:29 08 Mar 2008

Fortunately I have had no need to contact either tech: support or customer services.

As regards my connection, I have no complaints; good speeds and absolutely reliable.

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